How to One Shot the EV with Molotov in video

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #61

You underestimate the power of fire my friend :

Also, Stoker could have his own personal recipe superior to older molotov ingredients

(Begin2018) #62

Ahah excellent, I think you close this discussion ^^
Anyway, in the current state of the game, we can disable the EV like this, we do it since at least a year. End.

(Meetrock) #63

I couldn’t read all the replis, can someone please sum up what’s happening here?

On what I understood this is from the first few replies, this seems to be a bug? If it is, then I must have seen this bug a good amount of times. Out of like 10 tries to disable the EV, I succeed in disabling it with one molotov shot in 3 times. If it’s a bug, 3 out of 10 should be considered as a severe bug. And for the proxy taking damage, I think it was fixed, it used to happen to me a lot, whenever the EV is passing on fire, the person on the ev gets damage, I no longer see it happen, not for me, or anyone else.

(HadronZodiac) #64

Coming from the one putting “its not airsupport” filling inside but ok

(DarkangelUK) #65

Haha how so? The last clip had 3 molotovs on it and it’s still rolling :smile: and I bet the men inside suffered more than the vehicle itself, and the EV is an unmanned, modern plated vehicle :blush:

Uh, i’ve got no idea what that means but ok.

Either way Im 100% certain you’re not getting a damage buff vs EV, if you get lucky with the flame lottery and it takes out the EV then there’s not much we can do about it I guess, I suspect that will stay, but you won’t getting a buff to make sure it happens more consistently and less reliant on lucky flame spread.

(K1X455) #66

But you haven’t discounted the phenomenon of the disappearing Stoker molotov fire.

(DarkangelUK) #67

You mean frustrating stuff like this? :rage:

(Jigstraw) #68

Or this?

Or maybe this?

Or this?

wonder if they’ll ever fix it

(Mustang) #69

I agree with Jigstraw, it’s not the damage that’s the complaint, it’s the reliability/buginess.

(Begin2018) #70

Yes, molotov disappearing without any reason happens a lot and is a real problem.

Technology improved a lot, Sparks has a revive gun, Kira a laser from space… And Stoker improved his molotov since WW2.

(HadronZodiac) #71

Im not asking for a buff (which ive said MULTIPLE times) i just dont want it to get nerfed to a 1/2 damage shit stain of a grenade

Also, u said sprinkling “it takes skill” is useless
I say, “its not airsupport” filling isnt either

(DarkangelUK) #73

Maybe I misunderstood your request but that sounds like you want it to consistently take it to very low regardless if the flame lottery lands in your favour or not, which seems like a buff request to me. IN MY OPINION (which apparently i have to state every time just in case i get accused of passing my opinions off as fact) which i’ve stated before, there are enough EV killers and Stoker doesn’t need to join them IMO EV damage across the board could do with a nerf, the effert required to repair and push far outweighs the effort required to take it out quickly, the more balance brought to that tug of war the better… IMO

My biggest complaint about DB maps in general is the defender bias they have, would like to see that shifted slightly.

(Meetrock) #74

The Stoker molotov is teleported elsewhere (usually outside the map) when it hits the front of the EV, I’ve also noticed that in certain constructors, the molotov won’t do any damage at all. Proxy’s mines also tend to get glitchy when dropped on a c4, trying to drop it on a c4 either teleports it a few inches away from the c4 or drops literally on the c4 and slip beneath it, it also doesn’t detonate when an enemy is nearby, and you can’t reclaim it.

(ASD) #75

(HadronZodiac) #76

Yeah i do agree with that, i wish there was a bit more open-ness (ig) for more routes to repair AND take out defenders, on attack it just feels like ur throwing ur self at the enemy as many times as possible before u weaken them enough to do an objective.

(K1X455) #77

It’s because of the rough indexed explosion application and graphics. Notice if you throw molotov in approximate areas, the explosion will only appear in one area as opposed to where the throw ended. It goes the same with Kira’s laser and Arty’s artillery barrage.

The solution is actually simple. Increasing the indexing points, specifically in areas of high contention (ie, the EV path, secondary objectives, detonator delivery area, etc).

We’ve made other discoveries about the problems and implemented solutions for quite some time.

There are other problems like the EV’s marker (primary objective) blocking the view when someone is approximately close. It’s been complained for so long that players just forget and SD hasn’t implemented a solution to the problem.