High Quality Skyboxes

(Wezelkrozum) #161

Great work guys! Brink it on!

(Pegazus) #162

Excellent work guys, now that feels perfect winter time. Thanks for doing it Avoc & Scary

(Paul) #163

Many Thx all :smiley: I’m glad finally everything is done. It was a time consuming work, but the result may be here!


(murka) #164

That sky is just sweeeet!

Edit: one suggestion tho(goes to all texture/shader makers): Try to keep the editor image a maximum of 256x256. One texture filling the whole texture browser isn’t very good.

(nukits) #165

I downloaded Arabian Nights sky but there is so many textures and i dont know how to use these :confused:

(Avoc) #166

Well, there are instructions in the readme that tell you where to put the different files.

In GTKradiant, when you load the shader you will probably get the “arabian_nights_up”, “arabian_nights_lf”, “arabian_nights_rt” etc. but you only need to look for the “Arabian_nights_sky” and apply it to every brush where you want the sky to appear. So, when the shader is loaded, look for the texture that has no “_lf” or “_rt” or “_ft” etc. and apply it

(fKd) #167

can i please us these amazing skyboxes in quake3? please :slight_smile:

i have to scale the texture down to 1024x1024 for em to work, but they still look kick ass. credit etc will be in the txt and i will not change the shader etc?

(Avoc) #168

Sure =)

Aslong as its for a non-profit quake 3 map and/or mod.

Just make sure to show us the result here ;D

(fKd) #169

ha sure thing! still in early stages. just finished my last map. took 6 months hard graft :slight_smile: thinking of making a et map… but new zealand servers are few and far between. god i used to love et… miss it :frowning:

(u_ny) #170

Hey guys, those textures are great, now, i’d like to replace a stock map’s sky with one of these. Say railgun, i can see in the 1rst post screenshots that you managed to do it.
My question is, how ? I tried to do it, but i got nothing…
Can you guys give me some steps to follow?

(Stealth) #171

Does anyone know how to remove the hall of mirror effect from the warzburg sky when you look down? I’m making a ship map. When I walk close to the deck I see the mirror effect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(shagileo) #172

Creating underwater terrain would most certainly help.
The terrain could cover the ‘HoM’ side of the skybox.

(u_ny) #173

Ok, i managed to change some skies, thanks to Berzerkr to share.

The changes are ok on a local server, but when I play a demo, the default sky take place.
How can I do to make it work while playing a demo ?

(Ganjaman) #174

make a seperate skybox with standard textures, place in the center a props_skyportal entity.

now texture the sky part with wurzburgsky texture. make the floor sand /dirt .
and put some water in there.

no shader needed.

I made a little test map for you to check out : http://cid-19b6b546c4ec08a6.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/skybox/box10.map

(click the link and then click the download button )

I hope this solves your problem.

(krsone21121983) #175

Hello Avoc,

i would like to use one of your skyboxes for a rendering assignment at the university. I think they are magnificent work. Of course you are going to get full credit.

Also wrote you a short pm. Didn’t know which was better.

Thanks and Regards

(Avoc) #176

Been some time now, but a ‘new’ skybox has been released. Its called ‘Endless’ and is a bright summer sky, with some nice mountains. I think its rather good looking =)

It was made months ago, but I’ve decided to release it now since I will have limited use of it. Paul helped me render parts of it.

Download link is in the first post as always.

The scene is from the foliage example scene made by Rayban to showcase his foliage.

(IndyJones) #177

very nice. avoc, have u seen brecourt thread? perhaps you could make a new skybox that would give that french feeling?

(Avoc) #178

Well, I’ll need some more help if I am to be able to make it :smiley:

Got any reference pictures?

(Magic) #179

looks very real - good work.

(IndyJones) #180

hm… something like ‘its gonna rain in half an hour’?