High Quality Skyboxes

(Avoc) #181

Sure, I can see what I can come up with. What kind of light would you light? Bright/Dark? Any particular color or simply greyish?

(IndyJones) #182

middle screenshot shows sky on cod brecourt… i think that kind would fit the best.

(Avoc) #183

Ah ok =D

It looks a bit different than my ‘from the hip’ attempt.

But something like what you showed me should be pretty simple.

(Paul) #184

Another reference (THe same but larger)


(Avoc) #185

Ok, I kinda totally forgot about your request Indy. Sorry =(
I’ve only recently finished all my exams, so now I should have the time to make the sky if you are still interested?

New skybox is released - ‘Overcast’

As always, check the first page for download link.

In other news, I’m going to make only a few more skyboxes and then call quits. I still need to make a proper night sky (already in progress) and then an apocalyptic skybox (also in progress).

(shagileo) #186

Another fine skybox, great work, Avoc !
Thanks for creating these, they’re really nicely done

(Magic) #187

Looks good Avoc - you have link for that?

(nukits) #188

“As always, check the first page for download link.” ^^

(stealth6) #189

I was going to say before you stop could you tell us how to do it? :smiley: But then I read the first post and looks like you already did :slight_smile:

Nice one.

(Infinitypl123) #190

Can somebody tell me how to add skybox for radar? Thanks :slight_smile:

(UJERebel) #191

Not in this thread.

(Infinitypl123) #192

Where I should write so?

(Pegazus) #193

Hey Avoc, do you still take requests? :slight_smile:

I am in need of a night sky, something like this. Click on me, obviously If you find the time and resources to do it than can you help me out?

(Avoc) #194

I can still do requests for the time being :slight_smile:

That looks like a sun behind some clouds, and then the picture is darkened. Do you want something like that, or do you actually want a real moon behind those clouds + blueish atmosphere?

(Pegazus) #195

It would be great if it would be a night sky, so yes: a moon behind those clouds but the atmosphere would be dark not blue. If you could do it like that then it would be superb :wink:

(shagileo) #196

Uuuuh, the master in skyboxes working on this would be a-w-e-s-o-m-e

That picture calls the correct atmosphere alright , and with Avoc’s skills, I’m sure it would rock in ET as well

(Avoc) #197

Are you going to need/use a 2048 x 2048 version?

(Pegazus) #198

Yes, 2048 x 2048 would be great.

(Avoc) #199

Oki - it will be a public release then. Since this skybox is taking a very long time in rendering :smiley:

(Pegazus) #200

Wooh! Just as long as it is good (By that I mean awesome) than I am okay with that, so go ahead surprise me :wink: