High Quality Skyboxes

(Paul) #121

Make the older one something less wide and stick them together, so you have 2 pictures in 1 :slight_smile:

(Paul) #122

Avoc, a little suggestion. Can u make some skies with mountains on the background?
Thx :open_mouth:

(Avoc) #123

Yeah, I suspect that the skyboxes after my next one will have that.

(Paul) #124

I also tried out the program u used. It’s a very good program, yes!
Only with my Q8200 the rendering was done quite fast…

(Wezelkrozum) #125

[quote=Scary;195873]Avoc, a little suggestion. Can u make some skies with mountains on the background?
Thx :O[/quote]

3D background mountains are nicer, in my opinion. I’ve seen a lots of mountains at the background, and never got the feeling they did fit into the environment.

(Paul) #126

Yes but a map with mountains as background + real mountains looks even better :slight_smile:

(Avoc) #127

Most skyboxes for ET which were made with terragen are rather “unrealistic” - giant pointy mountains sticking up towards the sky. I am sure that Vue is able to create better results.

In other news, I finished a new skybox, but when I tested it I realized that I had made the mistake of rendering the sides under different exposures; this means that the sky didn’t look like it should ingame.
I now have to re-render it.
Luckily it is not a very time consuming render so the sky should be finished in a few days.

I might aswell give this skybox a terrain to test how it will look.

The sky is a sunset type of sky, with swirly cloud elements (which also can be seen inthe arabian nights sky) and some darker ones, creating a nice constrast =)

Sorry for the delay!

A preview of one of the sides, though I will slightly edit the clouds to give a more interesting result.

(Paul) #128

Avoc, I don’t know what computer you have? Anyway I have Q8200 Quad core so for me the rendering goes pretty fast. If I ever need to render something tell me!

(Avoc) #129

Do you render at 2048 x 2048, with “superior” render settings and boost the cloud quality to +4?

@ Wezel: I can tell you that you shouldn’t worry about the mountains looking bad, I was able to render one of the sides with terrain before going to work, and it looks quite good even though I didnt have time to give it a proper texture =)

(Paul) #130

I’m rendering now, probably taking around an hour.

Render done, it took 55 minutes. Is at least faster then 2-3 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

(Avoc) #131

can I see the result? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Paul) #132

This one was looking very bad, i’m nog redoing one :slight_smile:
I’ll post asap :0

(Avoc) #133

I just noticed that there are no longer orange boxes around the pictures anymore… is this permanent?

(Nail) #134

yes, my wave smiley now looks proper, THANKS

(Paul) #135

They finally like us :open_mouth:

~20 minutes render on Superior

Side note: It’s a wonderfull program! Only still have to discover how it works, pretty advanced :confused:

(Avoc) #136

It looks like a great result =)

However, I dont think you have setup your camera properly.

  1. Right click on the “Main Camera” and press “edit object”
  2. Edit the “Horizontal FoV” and change it to precisely 90.
  3. Edit the “Vertical FoV” and change it to precisely 90.

Oh, and www.tinypic.com is a better picture host ;D

(Paul) #137

I just loaded a random sky, added some wather and pressed render xD
But it’s a nice program so i will go look further in it :slight_smile:
Anyway, if i need to render (faster ;O) i can do it for you (render on ultra ^^)

(Avoc) #138

Only problem of course is that you have those watermarks :confused:
But I will try to make a super detailed skybox - I already have something on my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

(Paul) #139

Watermarks will disappear soon - suddenly…
Sure, do something with mountains etc… i will render on ultra quality ;d
You can add me xfire or msn if you want. (My msn is also spread all around the forum lol…)

(Pegazus) #140

You should remove the red sky, and make it white. In all my life of being in winter conditions i have never (maybe once or twice) seen red sky during daytime. Maybe if it was end of the day then yes, cause the sun goes down, but from what i have seen the lighting does not make me feel like end of the day.
Mostly like this, when sun goes down

Mostly it is like this during day time, or the sky is full of white clouds.

Just a warm suggsestion :slight_smile: cause it did not make me feel like snow time.