High Quality Skyboxes

(eiM) #101

Just added the skybox Avoc made for me to my not yet finished map. Looks quite nice =) (fast light compile only - eraly alpha stadium)

(macbeth) #102

yes will be a nice map to play for sure

(Avoc) #103

[QUOTE=macbeth;194155]i did for the Venice waiting the Avoc one who will be for sure better than mine :d
uploaded here for today


You can easily make it yourself =)

You just need to rename:
“horizon_ft” to “horizon_bk”
“horizon_bk” to “horizon_ft”
“horizon_lf” to “horizon_rt”
“horizon_rt” to “horizon_lf”

then you need to rotate the “horizon_up” 180 degrees. This should put the sun of the skybox close within the original light position of the sun in the map.

(Avoc) #104

In other news - a friend told me that he was able to incorporate the “horizon” sky into the new wolfenstein :smiley: :smiley:
He said that it is not that hard, but the filesize was quite big if it was in full res. Apparantly the new skies are not very high res. Will ask him for a picture.

Not sure if I am allowed to post screenshots on the forum or not :confused:

(Nail) #105

screenshots made with a “leaked” pre beta game would probably not be appreciated, especially remembering that both teams have some pretty heavy background together. It’s all about respect.

(Avoc) #106

New skybox added, link is as always in the first post.


This time I was a bit lazy since I have some other things going on - this skybox was meant to be used for my new map, but it seems that I do not have the patience or will to continue making maps.
I will be releasing a few other things from this project, especially those trees that you see. They are flat textures, but they are rendered in a way that make them seem as if they were real 3D objects from a distance. Think you’ll like it =)

(Avoc) #107

An offtopic, 2 part, small mini update!

The first post has again been updated with the download links, so go check it out =)

This is a detailed cloud texture which you can ‘paste’ into your skybox.

		map textures/avoc_common/blue_detailed_clouds.tga
		blendfunc gl_src_alpha gl_one_minus_src_alpha
		tcMod scroll 0.005 0.005
		tcmod scale 3 3

With tcmod scale you can fake the “height” of the clouds - lower values equals clouds that are “closer” to the ground, while higher values make the clouds appear higher up.
Also note that these clouds work best with a “blue” skybox - but I am sure you should be able to edit the texture itself so that it can fit other colored skyboxes.

Snow assets:

I’ve noticed that most snow maps still use the vanilla ET snow textures - So, I’ve decided to release the textures which I made for the map I worked on.
In the zip there are -
2 blendable, snowy ground textures
1 texture containing 2 different snow trees
2 snowy foliage models - they are based on the wavey foliage by rayban, but with new textures.
1 snowy rock texture
Should be enough to spice things up a bit =)

Incase you didnt read it before, the first post in this thread is where the download links are :slight_smile:

(Berzerkr) #108

The download for Blue Clouds doesn’t work.


(Avoc) #109

Try again - we were just recently switching to a new server so that might be the reason =)

(Berzerkr) #110

Still not working for me.
Will try it tomorrow.

(Nail) #111

I get a 404 as well

(Avoc) #112

Odd that I am able to =/

Are you able to download the snow assets?

Hmm, well, I will tell when the server switch is complete - if you still can’t download then I will have to make a mirror.

(Avoc) #113

Server switch is now complete, can you try again and tell me if the problem is still there?

(Berzerkr) #114

Can’t still download the file.
All downloads, except Blue Clouds, are working.

(shagileo) #115

Indeed, it still gives an error:

(Avoc) #116

Very very odd, just checked the server and somehow it was removed :open_mouth:
Perhaps it was a faulty upload in the first place - it has now been reuploaded.

Sorry for the inconvenience =(

(Pegazus) #117

The download seems to work now :slight_smile:

(Avoc) #118

Thank god! The server god! xD

(Paul) #119

Avoc, check my topics compilig and all current mapping projects.
I included an index.

There is a new anchor functions (Thx to me (A))

Check there how-to: I think it will help your first post stay organised :wink:

(Avoc) #120

Ohh, very nice =)

Thanks =D

Only problem I now has is… the max picture limit in a post is 11 :confused: - and I’ve reached that limit. I will need to figure out a way to include the pictures of the different skyboxes and still keeping it under 11 pictures.