High Quality Skyboxes

(shagileo) #81

Not quite
I actually tested the arabian nights on a little map I made (and still making)
It’s pretty ok, imo. I’ll try to post some screenshots later on

(Avoc) #82

It all depends chr1s, the sky is supposed to be the “curtain” of a map. As such, a sky is able to completely change the atmosphere of the map. ET is still a pretty game even after all of these years, it all depends on the map maker. Sure, most maps might not be suitible for such skies, but there are still some very high quality maps getting released that could benefit from a high quality skybox, which I am glad that I can provide =)

Also, just noticed that this thread was featured on wolfmap.de and splatterladder:

However, there is a small misunderstanding. The skyboxes are not 1024 x 1024 pixels, they are 2048 x 2048 pixels =)
I hope that someone can change that text.

(Avoc) #83

Thanks to the one who changed the text =)

Venice is an older map, and my server wishes to add it back to our campaign rotation. However, some of the members are still sick of it, so I decided to try and “spice it up” a little. I added the Horizon skybox in an add-on pack to see how it looks like, this was the result.

Now, I don’t like changing other peoples maps, but I think it looks pretty nice. The sun position is a little bit off, but its not something that will be noticed during play.

(macbeth) #84

yes i know it can be bad to modify some maps u dont created but if the maps designers are not anymore around so why not?
anyway to keep ET the great game it is ,some maps need to be reworked
so great idea to make a new sky for Venice

(Berzerkr) #85

MLB Temple with Arabian Nights:

Download here

It’s only a mini-mod for the map, readme is included.

(Avoc) #86

Not sure if arabian NIGHTS is good for a map called DAYbreak =P
Think horizon would have been better, you can just rename the different parts in order to ‘rotate’ the sky so that it suits the light angle.

Nice work anyway =)

(Berzerkr) #87

The map is called TEMple :tongue:
I renamed the parts of the skybox, the folder and the shader to prevent problems with other maps and that it suits the light angle.
The skybox is changed with a remapshader.

MacBeth wanted a mod to give the map a nightsky, so here it is. :slight_smile:

(Diego) #88

Daytime lighting and nighttime sky’s look strange. Marko released the source for the MLB maps. You could probably easily make a nighttime version with new lighting very easily.

(macbeth) #89

Just added it so we will play tonight Temple like we never played it :d

thanks you a lot Berzerkr

(Berzerkr) #90

If I could handle the Radiant… :frowning:

(IndyJones) #91

to be honest, u would be fine just with q3map2 and notepad.

(macbeth) #92

prolly here somes can and make it for mlb Temple?

i watched Marko site today : noone is around anymore and i dont saw Marko since ages on MSN

(Avoc) #93

I had a plan of making night time version of some of the original maps, but since there are so many modified versions already, I decided not to.

@ Berzerker: Haha, I need to find my glasses =D

(shagileo) #94

hehe, seems to me the arabian nights is a popular one.
Fits nicely in most of the maps

(macbeth) #95

i will try to make a new sky for an other map :stuck_out_tongue:

(Avoc) #96

Yeah, seems its quite popular =)
The next sky will be a night-time one aswell.

Btw, I noticed that there are orange boxes around all pictures that you post on the forum… is it possible to remove this? It kind of ruins my thumbnails =(

(eiM) #97

seems to be new css update. I dont like it aswell but doubt you can change that =)

(macbeth) #98

i started yesterday but plz no laugh :stuck_out_tongue:
cuz now i dunno how i can modify the water :frowning:

(shagileo) #99

Well the screenshot is quite small, but what I can make of it, it’s actually pretty good !

But the water thing … hmm dunno; what happens if you make a texture for the water on your own and give it the same name it has in the PK3? (and change the shader for it of course)

(macbeth) #100

i did for the Venice waiting the Avoc one who will be for sure better than mine :d
uploaded here for today