High Quality Skyboxes

(shagileo) #61

Wow, I can stare at that screenshot for hours … imagine ingame :o
Great job

(Futan21) #62

Found the problem I was having. Compress Textures was turned on. XD

Probably the same for you, Pande.

(Cambodunum) #63

awesome work avoc :stroggbanana:

(aaa3) #64

[QUOTE=Pande;192588]no, im talking about the compression lines. Redish colors in the blue sky.[/QUOTE]oh oh… if theyre saved as jpg, (as in always - even when desiring lowest size without qlty worries) turn off colour subsampling. (p.s. this is to avoc as he making them)

(Avoc) #65

I must admit, I see no red lines in the “frost” version of the sky :confused:

(Miki) #66

I’m afraid i got a bug in your ‘vanilla sky’.

I guess its pretty clear what the problem is. I’ve got absolutely no idea to fix it :slight_smile:

(aaa3) #67

i dont think there can be a bug in any skybox [late edit - skybox texture, but isnt this which avoc provides? so obv.] except misalignment which is 100% he dont make =O

so the bug is in ur skybox ; )

(i wonder, if u use the shader for 5 sides but the textur efor the 6th, when they are named very similar and u misclick; will the result be like this?)

(nUllSkillZ) #68

The texture on the skybox might be scaled somehow.
Isn’t there an assistant for scaling and aligning textures?
Can’t remember the name.
I’m getting old :frowning:

(ailmanki) #69

exchange vanilla_sky_bk.jpg with vanilla_sky_ft.jpg

(rename the files… )

(Avoc) #70

I test all skyboxes before I release them, and the vanilla skybox works perfectly fine on my comp. Renaming the files usually fixes it, but I don’t understand why there would be a need to do so since I’ve named them appropriately =/

Might need to check back on it.

(Miki) #71

The renaming-thingy did it, thanks :slight_smile:

(Avoc) #72

I’ve made a different sky which I think you’ll like =)
Its in the same theme as the other one, but alot quicker to render. Should be done sometime next week.

(Avoc) #73

After a long break, I’ve added a new sky! This one is called “Horizon” and was made for eiM.

Check the 1st post in this thread for the download link.

You can’t see it in the picture, but there are some threatening clouds to the right of the sun “strangling” it. Looks quite good, think this might be my best sky so far =)
Tried adding clouds, but it didn’t look good since this skybox was made for beach-type of maps in mind. Since ET makes clouds follow a spherical route, they would have dived into the water, and that does not make much sense.

I’ve also added a “Used in” section in the first post. This is for maps using my skyboxes.
It would be great if you told me about maps which use my skyboxes that you might stumble upon, that way I can add them to the topic =)

(warren the ape) #74

Very nice and a real treat to the eyes :cool:

Have you thought about combining them into a pack to replace the standard skies for the 6 ET maps? I see you already used them on Fuel Dump, Rail Gun and Battery but it would be great as a little mod (similar to the Europe style mod and whatnot).

(Avoc) #75

Don’t quite think that its possible. Some maps have fog = cannot see the skybox. Others have the light positioned in a special place making it hard to simply replace the sky. It would demand that I recompiled them. I dont have the time or patience to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

(Berzerkr) #76

So you used the sources of the six stock-maps and added the skyboxes you made?

(Avoc) #77

Yeah, its much faster than making an entirely new map just to show off the skybox. If anyone would like to, they can send me some “scene” .maps (like the ones used in the scene competition) and I can use it for my next skybox =)

(aaa3) #78

beautiful as always. and you thought there’s no need for it ;o

(Pegazus) #79

Glorious work Avoc.

(.Chris.) #80

As good as they all look they don’t really suit the ET graphic style in my opinion, they just highlight how primitive the maps look in comparison.