High Quality Skyboxes

(Pegazus) #221

[QUOTE=Avoc;238270]Whoops :smiley:

Thanks, it’s looking awesome in game! :wink:

(Kic) #222

Here is skybox texture for tree landscape , no script, only textures

here http://www.sendspace.com/file/ty1eev

(Avoc) #223

Would appreciate if you didnt post other skyboxes in this thread, it might confuse people :slight_smile:

(Kic) #224

Ok .
Can you make from this textures full working skybox with shader please

(.Chris.) #225

I’m having some problems with the overcast sky, works fine on both my mapping installation and a clean installation but when I try with ETPro online the sky doesn’t work leaving the orange grid of headaches in its place. Any suggestions?

(Avoc) #226

Hmm, that is strange. I had a map with the overcast sky running on our etpro server with no problems. Does the console give any clues?

(ailmanki) #227

etpro - online - any other pk3 killing the shader?

(.Chris.) #228

Well, in the pk3 the scripts folder was named script :confused:

Not sure how it worked on the clean install that one time unless I launched wrong ET for that test…

(Eonfge) #229

He Everybody,

I’m very pleased to announce that yesterday, AVOC granted the ETXreal project the right to use the skyboxes under the CC-BY-SA license. As such, these skyboxes will become the new beauty in the game.

With HDR, and advanced shadowing, they will bring beauty to new and old maps.

Have a pretty day with nice soft shadows,


(Mateos) #230

What about thunder dynamic lighting? :stuck_out_tongue: A bit offtopic but it could concern these skyboxes.

(h20xyg3n) #231

Sorry I just checked out the darkness one which was released and it’s all weird, the skybox looks distorted with weird lines and colours on it

(.Chris.) #232

Anyone got a mirror for these? All the links are down.

(ailmanki) #233

Here they are, http://www.wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=1531

(.Chris.) #234

Thanks, shame that most of these have the sun near the horizon which would create rather long shadows, not great for my intended use :frowning:

(Mateos) #235

What kind of skybox are you looking for? I mean, I guess you need the sun (at least), and itself quite risen, but do you want something frozen or from summer?

(.Chris.) #236

Was hoping to use some of these for ET:QW but if you have too many shadows it causes a drop in performance. If the sun is rather high you can turn off shadows from some geometry and you won’t notice they’ve gone.

That said, I think ‘horizon’ would look really nice used on the Battery port I’m working on, the preview image even uses the original battery map :slight_smile: There’s not many buildings in the map to cast too many shadows from.

EDIT: Quick test using stock map:

(ailmanki) #237

you can search for ‘skybox’ on wolffiles, will yield quite a few results, but I don’t know there quality - surely varies a lot.


i searching for a skybox/sky

anyone here knows a god sky with a moon (like goldrush) and a sea

nothing extremus just a moon and then water, like a mix of goldrush and seawall…

I want a sky in that style, and i should be very pleaced if i can get one.

(twt_thunder) #239

there is a hole bunch in our downloads oveove, really just have to go trough them one by one

probably what you want is lostatseanight by amethyst

(Coornio) #240

I apologize for the necro of this thread - I mean no trouble nor disrespect to the admins and the rules of this forum.

The reason behind my action lies with the thread creator, Avoc, who made these skyboxes. I wish to obtain permission from him for use in a different project, but I cannot seem to find any way to reach him. There’s no way to message someone directly on this forum (and judging by the activity he doesn’t frequent here anymore). Similarly, the clan website mentioned in the readme’s of these skyboxes is no longer around so I am at an impasse.

If there is anyone here who might know him and could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it immensely. I thank you all for your time and apologies once again.