High Quality Skyboxes

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Hi Coornio

Seems that the splashdamage website has a smart feature to let me know when these old threads get a response - and luckily I haven’t changed my e-mail :slight_smile:

I can see that a lot of the old links and pictures in this thread are dead, as most of the websites unfortunately do not exist any longer.

Do you have any details of the project you are working on? If it its better for you then feel free to send me a private message.

Kind regards

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Oh how glad I am to see you’re around still! I wasn’t expecting it honestly, in most cases the authors tend to disappear for good after a few years!

I’d love to continue on a PM but I’m afraid I can’t figure out how to initiate one anywhere. Perhaps the ability is blocked behind a set amount of contribution to prevent spam. Feel free to initiate from your end if you’re able yourself, I should be able to reply then to avoid bumping this thread unnecessarily.

The project I was referring to however is named Cube 2: Sauerbraten. You might have come across it at some point in one way or another, there’s been quite a few derivatives based on the engine. A few off the top of my head include Assault Cube (based on the original Cube game engine), Red Eclipse (formerly Blood Frontier) which is actively developed to this day and on Steam, Tesseract (which brought real-time deferred lighting), and many other forks like Valhalla, Polyhedron, Revelade Revolution and so on.

Sauerbraten in particular is an amalgam of assets from all over with licenses of their own so in it cannot be monetized itself. Other projects have their own particulars but for this context I ask only in regards to Sauerbraten. In my own interest alone I’ve been working on a map there, you can see a picture of it here: www.mediafire .com/view/py1iq6hkma9rv0o/screenshot_coop_triforts_9085837.png

Do you reckon we might be allowed to make use of these skyboxes in maps made for Sauerbraten? :slight_smile:

Also, while I have you, I came across this - if you didn’t do it, someone’s monetizing your work: marketplace.secondlife .com/p/Panoramic-Skybox-Privacy-Screens-Arabian-Nights/1927378

Hopefully the links aren’t an issue. As far as I can tell they don’t go against the guidelines but I did have to break them up to be allowed in. Looking forward to your reply and will clear them out if needed! If you are around on Discord, this is the Red Eclipse server were many of us hang around on if you’d like to drop by and meet some of the folk or talk further on the topic there: Q3TERq (up to you of course!)

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Thank you for the link to the secondlife store - I wasn’t aware that someone was monetizing the skyboxes. I will look into that.

With regards to your project, you are more than welcome to use the skyboxes in your project - I’m just glad people still can find use for it!

In case you have any of the other skyboxes in their original format, do you think you could send them to me? I might have them laying around in some old harddrive, but you might save me for a few hours of digging around. :slight_smile:

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Sure thing, i’ll drop them all in a ZIP in mediafire so you can get them back. If I recall correctly, when I first came across them 3 or 4 years prior I got them through a mirror ailmanki linked on this same thread a few replies prior, and that appears to be up still. That being said, here you go:

www.mediafire .com/file/p3yb8yarsgjuoq4/Avoc_skyboxes.zip

I’m actually not sure if that’s their original format though. I see 2048 res mentioned but all the links I ever came across were for the 1024 jpg versions and that mirror above is the only one that had the full collection at this quality level. Isolated cases back then were 512x512 only. The rest of the linked assets of the original post (clouds/snow/etc) were all dead too when I first came across this thread in the past.

I appreciate you coming back to help with this!


Is it okay if I have all these skyboxes on the Roblox Creator Marketplace? I put the license info on the descriptions of all of the skybox models, but if it isn’t ok, I will stop redistributing all the skyboxes on the Creator Marketplace because that’s about as much as Roblox lets me do to prevent people from getting the model.

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Hi Noratekki

No problem - just as long as it isn’t sold and is free of charge. :blush:

Kind regards