Experienced Mod Team looking to move to ET:QW - need info

(eggman) #1

Hi Guys,

I am a member of a mod team that is evaluating our future directions. We’re not too happy with the publisher / developer / platform we are currently modding on. Our mod has shipped and will undergo continued development for the near future.

We have a great team that consists of about 30 people. We want to start planning some things now for future directions.

I’ve sent an email to the business niquiry address for Splash Damage, but not had any response.

Is there any other way we can establish contact with Splash Damage about modding for ET:QW?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


(Rhoades) #2

The developers usually post on these forums so hopefully one of them will post here.

(Reese) #3

hey eggman would the game ur currently modding be bf2 and the mod project reality? just wondering :smiley:

(Deth_Metal) #4

Well, unfortunately the most information you’re likely to get (I could be/hope to be wrong) is that they plan on releasing a full SDK sometime shortly after release. Also from all of the interviews I’ve seen both SD and id claim that a vast majority of the game is dependant on scripting instead of hardcode so it should be very modder friendly, especially if you have the mod team you say you do.

(Wils) #5


eggman: if you let me know what you’re after (either here in this thread, via private message, or email to wils@splashdamage.com), I’ll see what I can do to help. The same applies if it’s anything to do with modding ETQW.

(eggman) #6

reese: no comment hehe. just exploring, nothing written in stone … don’t start spreadin’ rumours lol :wink:

deth_metal: hoping for more than that

(EB) #7

eggman, could I be as bold to ask you to PM me some details on the mod ? I will keep it hush hush. :wink:

(Rhoades) #8

oooooohhhh me too!!!

(eggman) #9

Wils: email sent.

Gents: not gonna go into any details, srry … never know nothing might be the result of this … so would rather just keep it low viz until or if anything materalieses.


(jimb0) #10

You can also keep in mind that much (but not all) will be similar to way things are done on D3 and Q4. Specially the level design seems to be different, but overall the basics are there in regards to art assets, coding and scripting.

(jjpron) #11

i hope the mod involves b00bies, eggman.
not since daggerfall have we had any legitimate b00bies in a legitimate game.

(Wils) #12

I suspect any legitimate b00bies would be safely hidden away behind some legitimate b0dy arm0ur, which is possibly not what you had in mind…

(jjpron) #13

Hey, I’ll take’em any way I can get them :wink:

(Isabel Lucas) #14

I suspect any legitimate b00bies would be safely hidden away behind some legitimate b0dy arm0ur, which is possibly not what you had in mind…

Don’t have to be - Far Cry 2:

(Zyklon) #15

Those are trapped into a bikini. I guess jjpron want’s real ones, that make the US medias go circle-strafejumping.

(Bravo) #16

Me like boobies

(Among other things)

(nUllSkillZ) #17

May be I’m a little paranoid but please read:
Mod Fraud, it could happen to you! @ quake3bits.com (kat’s page)

(EB) #18

I did some reading about the Atharon project…and I have read several conflicting stories for each side of the “scam/not-scam”. …I don’t know what to believe on that, just yet. :confused:

But as for “Eggman”…I found out that his ‘shipped’ mod is “legit”.
BTW eggman, it looks pretty good.

(nUllSkillZ) #19

Thank you EB for clearifying.
And I’m very sorry for the wrong accusation.

(kat) #20

Not really an ‘accusation’ as such but a legit concern when people recruiting are being overly cagey.
That article was pulled from ModDB by the way, so I updated the news item to point at the cached versions that Google has in place.