Experienced Mod Team looking to move to ET:QW - need info

(eggman) #21

hehe trying to keep it on the down low wrt where our mod team may go in the future, so don’t want to provide links and such. Would prefer that anyone who has “reverse engineered” who and what the mod is please respect our need to not distract our team or existing fanbase…

We might end up doing something as simple as adding pointy nipples to Far Cry 2, so not getting into any kinda “hype” sorta crap. If we move to ET:QW we’ll do our best to create a quaity product that will appeal to some portion of the ET:QW player base, but it will likely be somewhat “niche”.

In any case … it is “legit” although I believe Nixon said something similar.


(EB) #22

Good luck with everything eggman. :wink: