EvacZone Draft Cup #4 | Signups! (17/08/13 Saturday) + SD Guest!

(potty200) #41

Have the private servers got passwords on yet or we going to have randoms dropping in and out?

(Seanza) #42

They don’t have passwords yet, no. That’s why I was initially confused about the thread being made :stuck_out_tongue:

(DB Genome editor) #43

Would have loved to help round up a 4th team, but I’ve got something… :frowning:

You guys have fun!

(fzl) #44

Wezel can you contact Sd for the passwords?

(Wezelkrozum) #45

Since the password problem started with this patch I’m afraid there is nothing I can do. It should be fixed with the next patch.

(Rex) #46

Yeah, it needs a new patch to bring the passwords back. :wink:

(ailmanki) #47

I will play too, or fill up a server.

(Toomic) #48

I still haven’t recovered :stuck_out_tongue:

(potty200) #49

So without passwords on the match servers is there any way we can actually play a 5on5 on these servers? Clearly people who want to play who are not part of a team will join and play.

(Toomic) #50

I’ll set the Max players lower to prevent additional people from joining (Once we know how many Players/Spectators we have)

(slanir) #51

thank you for helping us with this tonight toomic. we had some great games :cool:

(this is not related to the draft cup)

(valkjuri) #52

Sign me up buddy!

(montheponies) #53

backup only tonight :slight_smile:

(MrFunkyFunk) #54

Still haven’t recovered from your landslide, rigged teams, win?
At least you’re back, I guess it paid off.

(h2o) #55

What are the passwords for each channel on ts?

(potty200) #56

There are no passwords if you have “Alpha player Key” Just PM me or another server admin for access.

(RasteRayzeR) #57

available to help cast if required !

(fzl) #58

ggs to evryone…

btw we lost 1th match and win 2th match… was funny…

(stealth6) #59

Well that was fun.

(EvoSteven) #60

[QUOTE=stealth6;463761]Well that was fun.


Bitey: You all suck! Cover your flanks! Gogo BIG PLAYS WHAT WOO!
^accurate depiction of our TS3 channel


Had a good laugh though.