EvacZone Draft Cup #4 | Signups! (17/08/13 Saturday) + SD Guest!

(Wezelkrozum) #1

Quite the late thread but here we go! We have the wise & honourable Toomic on the starting grid once again!
Rule for this (and every upcoming) draft: don’t harass SD members with questions about the game.

Time: 20:00 London time / 21:00 CEST
Teamspeak IP: ts3.evaczone.org
Server: EU Private (or US depending on what continent has the most signups)

Basic Rules:

  • First match divides the best and less best. Winners and less winners will play best of 3! (So max 4 matches) So make sure you have enough time to play!
  • In the rare case of REALLY un-even teams after a map we might re-draft teams!

How To Play?:

  • You can signup no matter what your level or location is (AUS/USA/EU)!

  • Every player must be using Teamspeak3 with/without a mic. Download it

  • Be ready and waiting on teamspeak 10 mins before we are meant to start, if you are late we will take a backup to fill the spot so make sure you are on time!

  • To sign up all you need to do is reply to this post. Just add your name and country! We will aim for at least 10-12 players each session. If we get more that is not a problem. We can have people sub in/out as and when needed. It is also nice to have spectators checking to see how Spectating a match is! Any and all feedback is helpful so we need to gather as much as we can.

How to join the cast?:
Since Potty is still sick we are looking for volunteers to cast the exiting matches! If we have enough players for the draft we can cast else we will join the players. To volunteer just reply to this post!

If we have lot of people we will play a cup, but for that scenario we need at least 20 players.

Wezelkrozum Available for recording
Potty Finals

Players Signup up for this saturday edition!
Toomic [SD]
Anti [SD] Maybe
Wezelkrozum Recording final
Total: 19


(INF3RN0) #2

I should be avail.

(Mao.) #3

Sign me in !

(h2o) #4

Warwitch would love to cast it but he doesnt have DB yet :<

(Wezelkrozum) #5

Well what are you waiting for? Manage to get him a key! :smiley:

(h2o) #6

I suppose that he is going to join us when Dirty Bomb will be in Beta stage.

(INF3RN0) #7

If he has $30 then he’s almost there :wink:.

(potty200) #8

Small chance i will be around to cast. Not 100% sure if I will have the motivation to do it or not yet. Plus I might have family over in the evening. Will keep you all updated

(Kl3ppy) #9

Sign me up

Shifty, Medic/FOPS

I hope Nackskott signs up too :smiley:

(stealth6) #10

I’ll try to make it.

(k1ruaa) #11

I am in !!!

(EvoSteven) #12

♫♪ Singing in ♪♫

Or signing, typos bleh

(fzl) #13

mhhh okay sign me in plz!!!

(Nackskott) #14

Sign me in.

(Kl3ppy) #15

yeah here we go :slight_smile:
Now I can watch again a guy switching constant between knife, pistole and mg :smiley:

(Bitey) #16

I’ll be there! >8U

(twincannon) #17

I’m in, sounds fun

(mazesc) #18

Should be available and was a lot of fun last time, so I’m signing up as well.

(EvoSteven) #19

Suicide lemmings on the bomb again? :smiley:

(Winnie) #20

I will confirm this saturday afternoon, but I think I 'll be avi.