ETQW Canceled login / Connection reset issue

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I’m not feeling surprised (about it) but yeah it’s really AKWARD, especially for regular etqw players. This IS lifecycle software and you’ll have to be get used to it [Like any of them[soft] does…].

This “SHUTDOWN” won’t prevent regulars to play dayly, nor will restore master login server up! So, don’t make cheese any more of it - FORGET about it. :slight_smile: but!
ETQW HAS BECOME «FREE» ? praise taw and their avant-gardist admins ! They knew that would HAPPEN! [as it was… a scheduled shutdown,yeah]

Lets thanks? of blame? Activision about the situation. But yeah, we will stand up here. Like before. Like We did before! Lets
ETQW Rules!!!

Meantime, ATM the TAW community is bulding up an initiative to bring up etqw alive without master server, free for all, and so on. Let us being geting involved into it… So, long live to etqw !

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All hope isn’t lost yet. Splash Damage posted another reply at its official Facebook page.

Hey there,

We’re still in conversations regarding this issue - don’t worry!

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Checking connection (ps3)

Failed logging into Demonware service (ps3)

Yes wolfenstein (2009) Demonware access got shutdown without warning could be more then 3 years tough i need to check the date on my last screenshot.

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@falloutdc Thanks a lot! I cannot see the name Demonware, is that in the background or written somewhere else?

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I made packetlogs with wireshark

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Ah, I understand. If it isn’t so long, you can share them here that @ressected also shared his client and server logs:

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@ATVIAssist never answered the private message, but I also put in a support ticket via Activision’s website (selecting ‘COD: MW’ for game, because ETQW was not listed). Their reply was fairly generic:

Thank you for contacting us, and for being such a loyal fan of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Online services for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars have been discontinued. Please check out this article for more information:


Zac Moran
Tier 3 Support Specialist

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Sooo, any news about this issue ??
Last time there was this guy badman who said there would be a permanent server .
I know that you guys at SD are looking into it, some info would be nice, thanks

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Activision have pulled the plug, it’s solely up to them, SD can’t do much about that unfortunately.

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This means that Activision owns ET:QW ??

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It’s complicated, Bethesda/Zenimax own the ETQW IP (since they own id software), but Activision were the publisher and providing the client auth servers, so it’s ultimately them that decide if the login servers stay up or not which they’ve decided is a ‘not’. I very much doubt Bethesda will migrate it and take control for such a small player base and an old game. Would be amazing if they released it f2p like they did with Brink but I don’t see that happening in all honesty.

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Ok, thanks for your efforts looking into this matter.
Next step would be to persuade Activision to re-activate the login server or Betsheda to make it a F2P game…
Tough work but we will give it a shot :crossed_fingers:

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send Smooth a cake :wink:

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Hey all,

Still haven’t forgotten about you. As DA said, this a complex scenario with lots of folks involved!

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I have also contacted Bethesda about it and the support have forwarded it to the right persons, hopefully .
With your efforts and ours there might be changes :crossed_fingers:

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It’s painful to watch. I’d be willing to pay the original price once more just to get back.

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Join the TAW discord channel, there you will get info how to manually connect to our server.
We have two servers in EU and one in NA (Europe and North America).
EU servers are one vanilla and one custom, NA are both on one server.
Join discord here :

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We still haven’t forgotten…

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Neither we, thanks for the update!