ETQW Canceled login / Connection reset issue

(opt_fr) #1

Hello guys, I got the :no_entry: popup while trying to log in in the game.

Login Server is down ?

(opt_fr) #2

I know that you are trying to connect too !

Source :

You guys cannot either log in :orange_octo:

(REA987) #3

Just experienced the same. It looks like authentication server is down for the time being. Will investigate and try to contact with SD about that.

(opt_fr) #4

Great, thank you REA!

(Mustang) #5

SD and id Software have been made aware, hopefully someone will be able to sort it out, please post here if you notice it has started working again so everyone can be informed.

(power.nub) #6

Unable to play either. I’m feeling weak. Symptoms include chills, anxiety and stomach butterflies. Please fix asap.

(Krish ) #7

is there already some news?


Still not working on my end. Has anyone at SD plugged the server back in yet?

(Solarisk) #9

Type in console (without login):

(<{BBA}>Sissyboy) #10

I think DR has figured out a way to keep the TAW server up. I was hoping he would share.

(Randolf) #11

Hey guys,

In case we will run into more problems or similar one here is a link for TAW server discord

Or just join since everyone is there :slight_smile:

(falloutdc) #12

Any news on the server status? Thank you

(REA987) #13

Dear SD,

Shall we have an update on this? Thank you!

Feel free to join TAW ETQW Discord;

(<{BBA}>-Sentry-) #14

Checking for an Update as well…

BBA Server is back up at:

You must direct connect.

(Moobabe) #15

Hey all,

We’ve been made aware of this (thanks Mustang) and are looking into it.

I’ll keep you all posted when I know more.


(tokamak) #16

Any chance this game could hit Steam like it used to, or even The only way to obtain this game right now is through old cd keys.

(Krish ) #17


got a reply from SD on facebook, too:

[Splash Damage] Hey there,
We’ve been made aware of this issue and are looking into it.
Keep an eye on our social channels or forums.

(Moobabe) #18

Sadly not. I’m not 100% on the issues surrounding this, but it’s been a few years since ETQW has been available on digital distribution services.

(tokamak) #19

Cheers, at least I can stop hoping then.

(Zergling 47) #20

I cannot login. I got unknown error. My last login was 6 months ago…