Epic Kills Frag Movie Competition - July 2018

(Chris Mullins) #1

Have you got the skills to blow people up and remove heads effortlessly?

Do you like to record these clips and edit them into a beautiful montage of blood and death?

Would you like to win free stuff because you’re awesome at doing this?

Then have we got a competition for you… Introducing the next Epic Kills Frag Movie competition where we want to see your best kills, longest streaks and most skilled shots.

To enter, all you need to do is:

  • Make a Dirty Bomb Frag Movie
  • Edit it to be less than 5 minutes long
  • Upload it to YouTube
  • Post the link in this forum before July 31st
  • If you’ve already uploaded a video in July you can still enter that! Just send us that link.

We’ll announce the winners later that week. But what happens if you win? Our top three favourite videos will receive a Large RAD Pack, which includes:

  • 11,000 RADs
  • 2 Prime Loadout Cases

So get to it! Daylight’s burning, just like Stoker’s enemies

(only one entry per person!)

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New Dev Video: All Mercs Free Weekend
(Chris Mullins) pinned #2

(Moobabe) #3

I’ll be keeping an eye out for sleek AF editing on these! (Because I am terrible at it and need to learn tips)

(stoker47) #4

(Unusual Pig) #5

(Madsgyver) #6

My entry

(TheFallenWraith) #7

(Cya1nde) #8

(Gamechanger2K) #9

@stayfreshshoe Can I use copyrighted music in my Video?

(Chris Mullins) #10

You can, but it will limit how much we can use it. For example, we would need to mute it if we featured it in one of our dev videos.

(Jan S.) #11


have some good music.
Maybe also https://incompetech.com/
If you’re partnered on YouTube with some network, you can also use Epidemic Sound if said network has a deal with them.
I know it’s limiting, but maybe you’ll find something good or even better on these channels /websites.

(Ship) #12

(Dazz3601) #13

Here you go

(Z Gako) #14

@stayfreshshoe how old can the footage be?

(XsnipergirlX) #15

I see a few problems already. Because you say “uploaded a video in July” through youtube, you can private the video and make it public again and it will have the new “publish” date.

What stops people from downloading an old video and then reuploading it just for this contest?

(Alex Lundberg) #16

can u recycle old footage since my time to gather clips will be cut of by vacation?

(Z Gako) #17

thats what i also was wondering

(Oyster) #18

Made this video a year ago, but I think it still holds up well!

(Robinrako) #19

(Rémy Cabresin) #20