New Dev Video: Weapon Case Keys for Credits

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all!

Next week you’ll be able to pick up Weapon Case Keys with Credits! What what else is going down…

Crafting Week Info:
Epic Kills Frag Movie Competition: Epic Kills Frag Movie Competition - July 2018
Community Spotlight: ‘UN1TY Clan Trailer’ by UN1TY Clan:

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(Chris Mullins) #2

(boerhae) #3

shoe, I saw that ‘Ask the Devs’ segment and I am genuinely worried about you

(Begin2018) #4

Please don’t forget to remove vote-shuffle and vote-restart in PUBs in next update! At least try it for some months… Then we’ll can play in peace.

(ASD) #5

search for servers where its disabled…
we played already together on one :thinking:

or just rent your own and make the whatever settings you want :stuck_out_tongue:


(Begin2018) #6

No, I won’t rent a server just to fix a broken game ^^

(henki000) #7

I really enjoyed Ask the Devs section. 5/5 performance, you should consider Rap career. Thats some universal humour right there. By this I dont mean other AtD performers were bad, but practice and experience makes perfect. It does not matter if you are yourself, acting or bumble around. It’s important that message gets delivered. Humour is great way highlight message, there are other constructive ways too. But if the questions were better, perhaps there would be more to highlight. So lets ask:

What is your objective for perfect Dirty Bomb atmosphere?

(For example: 50% life and death problems, 30% teamwork, 15% expertise of personal skill and 5% karma. Is the game meant to be fun, that you are propelling around taunt and teabag mechanics. Is it meant to be emotional story of survival in postapocalyptic london. Is this international E-sport game, where everyone exercise connected meta maneuvers with strict regulations.)

(Teflon Love) #8

When the community manager has to answer the “Ask the devs” all by himself (even in clever disguise), can we interpret this as confirmation that no actual developers are working on the game anymore? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(ASD) #9

hopefully the oposite is the case… all devs are working so hard on the game they cant “waste” time with youtubing