New Dev Video: All Mercs Free Weekend

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Hey all!

Play all Mercs, Fragment Case changes and the Epic Kills winners are announced!

Epic Kills Frag Movie Competition Entries: Epic Kills Frag Movie Competition - July 2018

Epic Kills Honourable Mentions:
BATBAT by NotAMedic because their skills with a Cricket Bat are just unreal -
SOLO by Its Hari for fitting in most kills in the least time -
fcc by adeto for teaching me a thing or two on how to aim -

Epic Kills Winners:
Honourbound for their insane kills across a selection of different Mercs -
Dazz3601 for his melee massacres -
And WTSFM for his editing prowess -

Summer Art Competition Forum Post: Summer Art Competition - 2018
Community Spotlight: ‘Dirty Bomb Lore In-Depth AuraSparks’ by The Man Behind The Mask:

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