Enemy Territory gets mysterious lag (with dual-core)

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Going over 128 is pointless.

If you have a remotely recent mid-range or better video card (better than a GF4 or 9600) it shouldn’t have any trouble running et at high resolution and detail. Budget cards (6200, 9200, anything with shared mem) will still suffer.

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belonging dual core trouble of first post
I would try linux…
its fearly easy to install fedora core 6, and the needed drivers…

in any case I always had the feeling its better in linux, and yes I had lower fps then in windows, but it is much better for my feelings…

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Or the quick way, Linux Gamers DVD

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See my previous post regarding setting core affinity… had exactly
the same problem with RtCW and core2duo, setting affinity
fixes it :slight_smile:

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Huge props to Hewster !
My Core2Duo decided to freeze for JUST a few milliseconds each two clicks…
Setting affinity does solve the problem, indeed, but it’s a bit stupid you have to set affinity every time you launch the game…

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Maybe this:

For me, having this setting on with recent nvidia drivers causes periodic lags in ET. With the 9x.xx series drivers it did not, or it defaulted to off.

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Could be true! I had A LOT of problems with Wolf ET with my GF8800GTS & Core2DuoE4300.

After I changed to these, I had no problem afterwards! So now I run Wolf ET with supersmooth FPS :slight_smile:

Image settings - High Quality
Vertical Sync - On 
Force mipmaps - Trilinear
Conformant texture clamp - On
Hardware acceleration - Single-display mode
Trilinear Optimization - Off
Anisotropic mip filter Optimization - Off
Anisotropic sample Optimization - Off
Gamma correct Antialiasing - On
Transparency Antialiasing - MultiSampling
Triple Buffering - On
Negative LOD bias - Clamp

I got the settings from: http://community.enemyterritory.com/forums/showthread.php?p=70158

Edit: I just noticed “threaded optimization” was not included in these settings I changed.

But something of the above changed by system from yberlaggy-nightmare to silkysmooth. (Single-display mode did not solve it for me. So it was not that.)

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No skip that. :oops:

I’ve had no FPS problems for weeks, and today I got high-flux FPS again. So I dont know really what fixed it. And dont know what caused it to come back.

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the threaded optimisation thingy turned off worked for me for fps loss (it was really horribad) edit thank you for your help, SCDS_reyalP

the lag on the bullets remain

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I registered just to thank the guy that found the threading optimization fix for dual core. I am running an AMD X2 running 64-bit WinXP Pro. It has sped up Bioshock and ETQW. Though ETQW even more so in the UI… I believe it has to do with rendering different texture layered on each other… I can’t be certain.

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i know its probably pointless saying and im not a code moneky so dont ask, but i remember getting very similar problems in q3 many moons ago.

We were playing on win98 systems in the days of bx motherboards and voodoo gfx cards, and after about 3-4 hours of playing from a fresh install of win 98 and q3 we would get small lags pretty much like gelatine described. It mosdef wasnt server related as we are talkin about 8 player lans (12 when we all finally got the money for cat5 network instead of 10baset coaxial which was fine when we were playing doom through to q2)with a dedicated server and there was deffo no network issues on 10 metres of coax.

As i said im no code monkey so i dont know how much of q3 is still in ET, but could they possibly be related in any way? The only way we ever found to fix it was a fresh install whenever we wanted to play (ghost was such a godsend)

Anyway, i just thought id throw that in the mix, im actually looking for solutions to a completely different problem but this caught my eye.

Good luck all.

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Hello all,

As much as I hate to drag up an old thread im just wondering did anyone really find an answer to this riddle of a problem.

Like many who posted on this I built this rig back about 3 years ago now, and have suffered as a consequence with ET ever since, the problem from my point of view is a kind of random lag type thing that effects the hitboxes of both me and my target, at times I can aim direct at the target and the bullets dont hit? while other times people will aim at me and hit headshots while not aiming at my head, I have installed the dual core optimizer, and amd cpu drivers, and also have threaded optimization off in nvidias control panel, a thing I do notice is the lagometer green line is broken if you understand that, its a very very fine line compared to what I see while specing others but with breaks in it all the time while others seem to have a steady constant line. I wouldnt say its network lag tho as I seem to have a ping around the 46 mark most of the time.

I can only assume its the cpu causing this at the moment.

Specs: AMD AThlon X2 5200+, Nvidia Geforce 9600 GS 1.5gb. 2GB ram

At the moment im running Windows XP SP3 again due to Windows 7 blocking the ET server list constantly.

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You can always specify process affinity.

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It actually auto does affinity to 1 core only when you turn threaded optimizer off, its just strange type lag as everyone else said before, I just started trying a realtech net card so im by passing the onboard which is nforce chipset again, and im actually hitting abit cleaner tonight so far.

Im just not sure if its one or two problems though, if I was to build a rig again, which no doubt I will sooner or later I wouldnt ever go for AMD as a gaming rig again.

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Are you sure it’s you and not the server?
When there is a gap in the lagometer it means there are packets missing. So you didn’t recieve them from the server or something.

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Happens on every server, isnt the blue line server? this happens on the green line but I know its not net lag because the ping stays constant.

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ok hmm update, the lagometer green line changes depending on what res I set ET to, if I set 800-600 its a slightly thicker line with less breaks but still laggy, it seems like its ET not liking either my graphics card or my desktop res maybe?

I run my desktop at 16801050 and even if I try set that res the same for ET in my cfg it always comes up as 1024768 ingame.

also my screen refresh at that res is 60 does anyone know if these settings would adversly effect et? my monitor suits that res more than any so its hard to change any of that, come to think about it iv never been happy since I switched to flat screens after my old monitor broke.

(stealth6) #139

if you want to change your resolution at will you must first do
r_mode -1

then cutom width and height. Also lagometer changing according to your resolution doesn’t sound very logical, maybe just the appearence is changing, but it still means the same.

Only thing I can think of is a bad contact in your network?

($omator) #140


r_mode -1
r_customwidth “1680”
r_customheight “1050”

for your ingame res problems maybe?