E.t Movie.

(=ds=bart) #41

:banana: man i love that song .
some fine piece off work .
to bad its a little short .
play it every day little metall like haha.
:clap: :clap: :drink:
from the land off beer

(foneboot) #42

thanks once again :slight_smile:
for the ones who dont know we didnt win the contest, the winner can be found at tsncentral.com

if i remember right (i didnt edit it) it was mainly premiere and aftereffects that were used for editing :slight_smile:

and btw if u only want the song or the lyrics just come to our #[deo] channel at qnet :slight_smile:

(Il_Maestro) #43

Thnx m8! I’ll check it out…:wink:

(Usparker) #44

Gahn do you still monitor this? If so I’d love to chat with you about this video can you shoot me an email at jarodparker@gmail.com ?

([deo]Gahn) #45

Oh what a blast from the past! got a mail that i did monitor this, so, apparently yes, hehe didnt know that. Thanks for a moment of sentimental memory lane, 19 years ago it says. What can i help you with? :slight_smile: /Gahn

(Usparker) #46

That’s so awesome! i think I’ve listened to I’m a lagger thousands of times in the last 20 years and it’s still one of my favorites to this day!

i had a few questions about your song/video and would love to connect with you. I am a new content creator on YouTube @ParkerPPK and would love to do a special on the 20 year anniversary for this song as It played a huge part in my introduction into PC gaming. Would you be interested?

([deo]Gahn) #47

Oh thank you for all kind words! <3 . Oh darn its been 20 yrs… Thats a nice idea! want me and my brother make a remix on the song and or just use the video as is (just go ahead if you want to do that :-))? Making the video was the hard part, dont know if thats possible to do nowadays, i can ask void who made it if you want? :slight_smile: music is easier, need though to have some planned free composingtime synced with brother/fone. Ill check.

([deo]Gahn) #48

Or maybe an interview or is thats reaally too corny? Anyhow mail me your ideas at gahn99@hotmail.com and well all fix something great, so great fun that you contacted me/us on this memory bliss