E.t Movie.

(*IktomI*) #21

the latest version of divx worked fine for me

(Bokkem) #22

Pure art! It’s a winner. :notworthy:

(Wraith2k3) #23

here at SD towers : )


Made from lego no doubt.

([deo]Gahn) #24

Gosh…Thanks for the good critics! Appreichated! =)

We used Preimere 7 for the video and Cubase SX 1.x for the song.
Its foneboots voice singing. Ive made mostly the music and foneboot all the lyrics. Void did the gr8 video. We had a lot of fun time doin it and much thanks to void n fone it went pretty damn nice!

pst. The dreaming sequence when shooting all allies is from a clan fight. (they didnt win :wink:


(DieHard) #25

It may sound stupid but eh how do i watch al those videos?? :???:

(Sauron|EFG) #26

Windows Media Player, WinAMP 2.9x or 3.0, DivX player, VLC…

Just make sure you have the correct codec (usually the latest DivX or XviD).

(^POTATO) #27

That part is my favorite, although I cant figure out exactly whats he says after “i play for real, and be the hero…”

(ziege) #28


Incredible stuff. Everyone needs to get this.

(mouse) #29

When are the results of the competition published? I would love to know if you win it!

([deo]Gahn) #30

Potato: He says “the aims, in deo:s deal”…=)

Hehe, the contest should be finsihed at 27:th of october but still no winner is decided… :confused: Dont know why but we are looking every day at their homepage (www.tsncentral.com) to see who the winner is.
Its a tough fight between the top 10 finalists. The other finalists is at their homepage under downloads/radeon relief finalists.

ziege: Thanks! =)


(foneboot) #31

gahn: “The aims, in deos deal” ??

complete lyrics that part is
“Sometimes im dreaming Id play for real
And be the hero, the ace, in deos deal”

which can be interpreted in some different ways =)

thanks for all the feedback!

(RM) #32

wow its the gahn n foneboot! grt song dudes, can i get a poster of you to hang on my wall :stuck_out_tongue: :banana:

(^POTATO) #33

Thanks! Now i can sing along and know that the words that im saying are right! :banana:

(faltytower) #34

Great songs and bloody hilarious, especially the Medic-LT. showdown.

Did ATI ever get their act together and announced a winner???

(=DaRk=CrAzY-NuTTeR) #35

that is good but it was released donkeys ago

(Il_Maestro) #36

Hey Gahn!

Are all the effects u guys used for the video in Premiere 7 or did u use any special programs like Combustion for the effects? I make videos myself, but this one blew me away… :smiley:
If u could tell me which programs were used besides Premiere (or if it was only Premiere just the better…:P) I’ll love u for it…:wink:

Thnx in advance!

Greetz Maestro

(CM..Punk) #37

So did they win or not?

(Sauron|EFG) #38

Yes! :clap:

(evilsock) #39

Finally got to see the movie - totally, brilliantly excellent! And I thought ABBA were a one off :open_mouth:

(PuP) #40

not like you need more praise, but that is an excellently produced movie. I REALLY like the fdops target at the end. haha. great stuff. i hope you won.