E.t Movie.

(ExP|Maximus191) #1


This movie is called “I’m a lagger” and was produced for an Ati competition to win one of their video cards.
Excellent special effects and really nice story.

Highly recommended . :banana:

Requires Divx.

(mouse) #2

I just watched it and thought :eek: !!! What a brilliant piece of work!

There must be hours of video-editing in this. Chapeau to the makers of it, its BRILLIANT!

And the songs that they wrote are even more fantastic. I hope they win, they deserve it.

(Sauron|EFG) #3

Looks great!

(Wraith2k3) #4

That is awesome!

sehr gut!!!

(Fusen) #5

if you don’t win the comp is a fix lol that was seriously a damn good movie for what it was made for… I love the little bit at the end with the hitting the allied f/o as if it was a carni =P and songs own… ncie one

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(Ranstaton) #6

I loved the little pistol duel! I wish they had made it an actual pistol fight though :confused:

(*IktomI*) #7

:clap: brill!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:

(The-Original-Pvt-Parts) #8

That is bleedin tremendous!

I so nearly pissed myself laughing :clap:

I really had no idea that ET was so machinimable already. You movie is really excellent work and although the songs are not my style of music, they are still so catchy (and hillarious) that the whole thing is seriously rewatchable.

And BTW, your secret is safe with us, we wont tell ATI that you made that using an Nv chipset :wink:

(The-Original-Pvt-Parts) #9

Alright, forget what I said about the tunes, I love em :slight_smile:

The thing that absolutely kills me is the “Medic” sample on the end - I dunno why but it cracks me up :clap:

Please - More like this!! :smiley:

(Machine for to kill) #10

This is THE BEST ET movie I’ve seen so far. If you haven’t seen it yet go get it because it’s well worth the download time.

(playero) #11

very NICE! I wonder what programs did they use for the fx… :???:

(mouse) #12

Me 2, like to learn how to make this :slight_smile:

(schmeisser) #13

What media player can I use to view this? I can’t getit to run on Windows Media Player orQuicktime. Anyone know a link to download a player capable of showing this movie?

(dommafia) #14

Works fine on my Windows media player, u just need the latest codecs. Or get this exellent media player that i use:

http://ke8.edskes.com/videolan062.exe You dont need any codecs with that player, it has its own plug ins to play almost everything.

But you may want to get the latest codecs if you still want to use Windows media player, i get mine here: http://www.k-litecodecpack.com/

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({}Yojimbo) #16

For those of you who liked the song (as I did) you can download the mp3 at:


(Bongoboy) #17

Very VERY good.

We’re all kind of blown away here at SD towers : )

Fantastic work. Trying to get that song out of my head now…


(*IktomI*) #18

Yerr, wouldnt mind hearing some more gahn & foneboot material, :rocker:
who are these guys, where are yhey from ?
/goes to google…

edit: think they is also from clan deo, jeez :smiley:

(Loffy) #19

They are Swedish Enemy Territory players.
Their clan is indeed Deo, but here is the URL: http://www.deo.nu
Clan server:
I think their irc is #[deo] @ Quakenet.
If you meet them, say hi from me.
// Loffy

(ECE-666) #20

:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
My winamp and media player won’t play past the point were the dude stands and the text of wanting to be the greatest is in screen, the sound plays but the movie freezes. I have all the drivers i need :angry: :angry: :angry: