Dirty Bomb: Moving into 2020

(Mrvandal) #10

Thanks guys! Still my favourite game. Will miss the official servers but I’m glad the game will live on into 2020! Also you guys have done a great job with halo MCC! Thanks again.

(Mc1412013) #11

I wouldnt consider this the end more like the next chaper. The chapter that sux but atleast its another chapter

@Moobabe what time on 18th will the north american servers going down???

(DarkangelUK) #12

Here’s hoping the community servers are up for a while to come yet, I still hop on and play often.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #13

Don’t forget to release Nvidia skins on your way out :nadokai:

(Mc1412013) #14

Im still playing a few matches a day. I started playing overwatch but only 1 or 2 matches a day

(Smooth) #15

PSA: If you want players to be able to Quick Play into your Community Server, you should make sure this value is set to True on your server.

"AllowQuickjoin"  :  true,

Over half of players use the Quick Play button so without it, your server may be missing out on fresh meat :slight_smile:

PS. Thank you to @JB120Hz for raising this providing info

DB Community Servers - Documentation
(Mc1412013) #16

@Smooth its sad that we cant use cmm or face it system on our servers

(DB 2 When?) #17

I’m here waiting for the way-too-early Hollywood reboot with loads of cash behind.

(Mc1412013) #18

Db 2.0 jackel take over new york edition


4.3k hrs spent… The proof of great game… Worth it guys…

(Melonpopr) #20

I just ordered a server to replace TBAG’s Funhouse! on the new host, it’ll be located in Dallas, TX, USA. I’ll have the current and new server up simultaneously for testing, the new one will likely include 2020 in the name to make it clear, please add to favorites and join us when it starts showing up so we can load test and tweak it.

Chris aka [TBAG]Melonpopr

(Mc1412013) #21

It can handle the load i didnt notice any performance different between the 2 providers. Both have the same cant load more than 10 maps at a time bug and both glitch once in a blue moon when using multiple modes.

Also qould have been nice if the devs gave us the end of server date last week so people had more time to tweak there servers. I know some people were waiting till the announcement to re t there own server

(Your worst knifemare.) #22

Its nice to finally see whats happening after the year ends.

Hope we’ll be able to see a DB 2 sometime in the future.

(Mc1412013) #23

This is the most active the forums been in months

(Mousetronaut ) #24

Hey Melon it’s me [PPeGA] Mousetronaut.
Glad to hear that tbag funhouse will “reborn”.
May i ask you something please… if true that funhouse will “reborn” set max ping into 280? My ping is always about 200 :frowning:
Thank you before.
Mouse the mess

(Benji957) #25

@Smooth @Moobabe Can you guys in some way integrate Face-it to community servers? The competitive community keeps the game alive

(Smooth) #26

Unfortunately not, FACEIT requires multiple secured servers available to be ‘hijacked’ when a match is found. These will be shut down along with the other servers on Wednesday.

(Diosito) #27

I really hope lesson number one is:

Do not listen and/or take the casual player seriously if you want to make a competitive game (especially if the game in question is an old school FPS).

:stuck_out_tongue: Just follow your heart by listening to veterans and pro players :stuck_out_tongue:

(a.k.a. Dark.Persephone.)

(Diosito) #28

:grinning: I want to thanks Nexon and Splash Damage for all these years of fun :grinning:

In the same way I want to thank our “sugar daddies” for keeping this game alive by providing (renting) some servers to satiate our vice and have our daily dose of Dirty Bomb.

List of our current sugar daddies:

OCB clan
and to those developers whose names I don’t know

And to all those who at the time rented (or plan to do so in the future) a server in order to grow and keep this game alive.

I know most of the times I can be a d1ck, but:
:heart: Trully, THANKS to all of you !!! :heart:


Ab imo pectore

(a.k.a. Dark.Persephone.)

(Mc1412013) #29

Dont forget me and a few of the devs we all got servers i beleive jemstar has one as well