Dirty Bomb: Moving into 2020

(Mc1412013) #21

It can handle the load i didnt notice any performance different between the 2 providers. Both have the same cant load more than 10 maps at a time bug and both glitch once in a blue moon when using multiple modes.

Also qould have been nice if the devs gave us the end of server date last week so people had more time to tweak there servers. I know some people were waiting till the announcement to re t there own server

(Your worst knifemare.) #22

Its nice to finally see whats happening after the year ends.

Hope we’ll be able to see a DB 2 sometime in the future.

(Mc1412013) #23

This is the most active the forums been in months

(Mousetronaut ) #24

Hey Melon it’s me [PPeGA] Mousetronaut.
Glad to hear that tbag funhouse will “reborn”.
May i ask you something please… if true that funhouse will “reborn” set max ping into 280? My ping is always about 200 :frowning:
Thank you before.
Mouse the mess

(Benji957) #25

@Smooth @Moobabe Can you guys in some way integrate Face-it to community servers? The competitive community keeps the game alive

(Smooth) #26

Unfortunately not, FACEIT requires multiple secured servers available to be ‘hijacked’ when a match is found. These will be shut down along with the other servers on Wednesday.

(Diosito) #27

I really hope lesson number one is:

Do not listen and/or take the casual player seriously if you want to make a competitive game (especially if the game in question is an old school FPS).

:stuck_out_tongue: Just follow your heart by listening to veterans and pro players :stuck_out_tongue:

(a.k.a. Dark.Persephone.)

(Diosito) #28

:grinning: I want to thanks Nexon and Splash Damage for all these years of fun :grinning:

In the same way I want to thank our “sugar daddies” for keeping this game alive by providing (renting) some servers to satiate our vice and have our daily dose of Dirty Bomb.

List of our current sugar daddies:

OCB clan
and to those developers whose names I don’t know

And to all those who at the time rented (or plan to do so in the future) a server in order to grow and keep this game alive.

I know most of the times I can be a d1ck, but:
:heart: Trully, THANKS to all of you !!! :heart:


Ab imo pectore

(a.k.a. Dark.Persephone.)

(Mc1412013) #29

Dont forget me and a few of the devs we all got servers i beleive jemstar has one as well

(Diosito) #30

Done :smiley:

(Vladislav) #31

Hey, Splash Damage!

My name is Vladislav. I am typical Russian student and I got a task from school principal. I am required to do a project with technical theme. I decided to make own card game (only for presentation maybe). I like Dirty Bomb very much and I want to make board game with DB game characters to immortalize your game. Can I use pictures of mercenaries from Dirty Bomb to make my project? This is the third letter to you, by the way, but I still have determination. Also I’m almost done this game and I’m waiting for your permission.

Thank you in advance.

(Mc1412013) #32

Probably if i remember corectly one of the old and every ones favorite community manager said long as its for personal use and not for sales or monitization it wasnt a problem.

(Moobabe) #33

Yep! Feel free to use any DB stuff you can find, but you cannae make money from it.

(K1X455) #34

I’ll have a crack at the pre-match UI and netcode.

You can keep the look & feel… I’ll keep the floe

(alphabeta) #35

OCB have renewed our server for another year. Please come and play on our server and help keep Dirty Bomb alive! All are welcome!

(Zero Phoenix) #36

I actually started playing DB back in 2017 when I was living in China, but for some reasons I cant log in the game after played it for a while so I never pick it up again until this January (Shame on me!)
Anyway, after spending more than 200 hours in this great game and communicating with many old players, I found that some unbalanced stats might be one of many reasons why DB goes down.
I know you guys decided not to do any more changes to DB, and probably wont even notice me, but still I wanna post some advices here. Maybe just want myself to feel better, maybe——you guys will find some of them actually make sense?

(K1X455) #37

DB fills a niche gameplay unlike any other game.

(Zero Phoenix) #38

But I am not talking about any other game, just unbalance within DB itself.
For example, burst rifles.
I am sure they used to be very overpower, especialy the Stark. But now they nerfed too much, now they have higher TTK than other rifles and horrible spread, BR16 can still fight against auto weapons at long range, but Stark…well, do 3~4 bursts and you will find it have a huge spread, the crosshair is wide open enough to make me belive Stark is a shotgun.

(Zero Phoenix) #39

My opinion is that to keep DB alive, what we need is not just old players but also newbies. By making it more balanced and more player–friendly, we can get more new guys into this great game.

(K1X455) #40

I’ve been reviewing the previous “Dirty Cups” tournament as of late and all I can say is that when a meta has been established by pro players, there will be a shift that is enforced by developers because they don’t want the game to become stale. A perpetually evolving meta is what will keep the pro-players engaged in searching for or “exercising their creative thinking” to make successful game plays that others will emulate. It just so happens that the nerf-nerf-nerf cycle of the Stark AR is at it’s lowest in the development cycle when it stopped and it got left where it is. The ramification SD hasn’t foreseen is that mercs that uses the AR and it’s associated augments will be seriously impacted so mercs like Thunder, Kira, Arty and Stoker got a big performance hit.