Dirty Bomb: Moving into 2020

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Hey everyone,

At the start of this year, we announced that dedicated servers for Dirty Bomb would be running in active regions until the end of 2019 and that we would be exploring future options at the tail end of the year.

Before we get into anything else: Dirty Bomb is remaining online . We’re immensely proud of the game, and we want to make sure you can all keep playing.

That said, here’s what’s going to happen:

  • Dedicated servers will be shutting down on December 18th. FACEIT will no longer be playable as a result.
  • You can still rent your own servers from i3D.net in all regions.
  • We’re making no changes to the game or back-end. It will still be the same Dirty Bomb experience.

We want every player to be able to find a game, and our partners at i3D.net are helping to facilitate that. Please check the lobby browser in-game for a list of community servers in your region.

A huge thank you to both Multiplay for their years of support, and to FACEIT for creating an amazing competitive implementation for Dirty Bomb.

Finally, a massive thank you to the players whose love for Dirty Bomb continues to inspire all of us.

If you’d like to read a little more about what we’ve released for Dirty Bomb this year:

The Design of Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb Goes Fully Free

Unreleased Merc: Ember

Unreleased Map: Agency

Unreleased Art

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(ThePigVomit) #3

Thank you!


one of best things happened in my life, DB. oh well…

(Bestfinlandball) #5

Thank you for the 3+ years of fun.
It’s sad to see the game that got me into PC gaming go, and I truly believe it deserved more. Dirty Bomb is, and will likely remain my favourite multiplayer game of all time. It’ll take one helluva game to beat it!

(PairedPrototype) #6

Thank you for the many years of fun!

Sad to see DB go down like this, but many memories were created and they’ll be cherished for ever.

Hopefully SD have a replacement in the works!

(Moobabe) #7

The game will still be as playable next year as it is today – just no longer on “official” servers.

(Martin Ezk) #8

Appreciate the efforts made, great game that had/has huge potential. Perhaps in future you can bring this machine back with some fresh oil, hopefully.


(Moobabe) #9

We take learnings from all of our projects! Plenty of the lessons from DB are in Gears 5, Halo and Gears Tactics!

(Mrvandal) #10

Thanks guys! Still my favourite game. Will miss the official servers but I’m glad the game will live on into 2020! Also you guys have done a great job with halo MCC! Thanks again.

(Mc1412013) #11

I wouldnt consider this the end more like the next chaper. The chapter that sux but atleast its another chapter

@Moobabe what time on 18th will the north american servers going down???

(DarkangelUK) #12

Here’s hoping the community servers are up for a while to come yet, I still hop on and play often.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #13

Don’t forget to release Nvidia skins on your way out :nadokai:

(Mc1412013) #14

Im still playing a few matches a day. I started playing overwatch but only 1 or 2 matches a day

(Smooth) #15

PSA: If you want players to be able to Quick Play into your Community Server, you should make sure this value is set to True on your server.

"AllowQuickjoin"  :  true,

Over half of players use the Quick Play button so without it, your server may be missing out on fresh meat :slight_smile:

PS. Thank you to @JB120Hz for raising this providing info

DB Community Servers - Documentation
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@Smooth its sad that we cant use cmm or face it system on our servers

(DB 2 When?) #17

I’m here waiting for the way-too-early Hollywood reboot with loads of cash behind.

(Mc1412013) #18

Db 2.0 jackel take over new york edition


4.3k hrs spent… The proof of great game… Worth it guys…

(Melonpopr) #20

I just ordered a server to replace TBAG’s Funhouse! on the new host, it’ll be located in Dallas, TX, USA. I’ll have the current and new server up simultaneously for testing, the new one will likely include 2020 in the name to make it clear, please add to favorites and join us when it starts showing up so we can load test and tweak it.

Chris aka [TBAG]Melonpopr