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(Not Trolling) #14

Have tried the default Execution config but for some reason Market doesn’t come up as an option on map voting.

(Mc1412013) #15

@NotTrolling use this

“RotatingMaps”:[{“Map”: “EXE_Gallery”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution”},{“Map”: “EXE_canal”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution”},{“Map”: “EXE_Overground”, “GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoExecution”}]

They put exe_market but its listed as exe_canal in the game files

@Maisy might wanna fix that in the default execution section of the post

(Not Trolling) #16

Thanks, forgot about that.

(Jackjohns0n) #17

I have a HomeLab setup in my apartment and I locally host servers for a few other games (counter-strike source servers, miscreated servers, etc. etc. etc.) Do you think it will ever be possible for us to locally host our own servers?


Whoops, that was my fault. I’ve updated the lists - Market should work now.

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(DarkSera) #20

Sry i have try to make a server (over i3D config) with both modes… if i have only one gamemode in my rotation i have no problems…
if i put one or more maps from the other mode in my rotationlist… we can only play objective!

yes we can see in our votelist execution… but after the lobby time the last objective map loading…

what can i do?

(Mc1412013) #21

Reboot server a few times theres a glitch with multi modes.

It happens on multiplay servers too for those of us who were lucky enough to get one before they stopped offering rentals

(Bubblegum) #22

how to setup stowatch server?
thank you

done :wink:


I have added a quick update and included the AllowQuickJoin setting to the Documentation, as per @Smooth’s post here:

I have also snuck it into the “Standard Configuration”. If you don’t want players discovering your server via Quick Join, you can set it to “false” or remove the line from your configuration.

(Mc1412013) #24


(toiletrolltube) #25

I recently purchased an i3d server and can successfully run an objective server config, but when I replace the objective maps with stopwatch maps my server is no longer listed in the game browser.

If someone could share a stopwatch config with me that would be much appreciated. I’m sure I’m missing some essential line on the json config, but I can’t see what that might be. I’m totally new to setting up a server.

Also, I joined the game with my admin password, but cannot see any admin controls whatsoever. Clearly, I’m doing something wrong here. I was informed to change the default password sent by i3d, but the only place I can see to do this is in the config. This I have done, but when I look on the “details” page, the password is still set to default. Anyway, maybe that is a separate issue.

Any help would be much appreciated.

(Mc1412013) #26

Post your config just blank out your passwords in the config

(toiletrolltube) #27

As you can see I’ve removed the maps I don’t play and added a few options. I’ve been in contact with the admins at i3d and they suggested an automatic daily restart. Strangely, last night I got banned from my server temporarily after editing the server config to use stopwatch maps, but was able to log back in soon afterwards. For some reason changing to stopwatch also changes the max players to 16 (mine is 10), which results in “Game server player slots violation” notification. Anyway here is the config I’m trying to use.

“ServerName” : “Dirty Bomb Min-Lvl-25 #833809”,
“AdminPassword”: “”,
“AutoSurrenderEnabled”: false,
“BadgesEnabled”: true,
“CountdownDuration”: 20,
“DemoPrefix”: “”,
“FixedWarmupDuration”: 20,
“FriendlyFireEnabled”: false,
“GameDifficulty”: “1.0”,
“GamePassword”: “”,
“GameReviewDuration”: 20,
“KillLimit”: 0,
“LobbyLockInDuration”: 25,
“LobbyMapVotingEnabled”: true,
“LobbyMapVotingTime”: 15,
“LobbyReadyPercent”: 100,
“LobbyReadyUpGameStartEnabled”: false,
“MaxAccountLevelLock”: 0,
“MaxPlayers”: 10,
“MercStackingPenalties”: false,
“MidGameReviewDuration”: 20,
“MinAccountLevelLock”: 25,
“MinPlayers”: 1,
“PingLimit”: 150,
“PingLimitGracePeriod”: 120,
“ProgressionSystemEnabled”: false,
“RoundLimit”: 11,
“ReadyPercent”: 100,
“ReservedPlayerSlots”: 1,
“ReservedSlotPassword”: “”,
“SpectateOtherTeamProhibited”: true,
“SpectateWhileDeadProhibited”: false,
“TeamBalanceEnabled”: true,
“TeamBalanceOnMatchStart”: true,
“VSayEnabled”: true,
“VoteKickEnabled”: true,
“VoteKickPassPercent”: 61,
“VotePauseEnabled”: false,
“VotePausePassPercent”: 61,
“VoteRestartMapEnabled”: false,
“VoteRestartMapTime”: 180,
“VoteRestartMapPassPercent”: 61,
“VoteShuffleEnabled”: true,
“VoteShufflePassPercent”: 51,
“VoteSurrenderEnabled”: false,
“VoteSurrenderDelay”: 180,
“VoteSurrenderPassPercent”: 100,
“FeaturedMap”: “”,
“RotatingMaps”: [
“Map”: “OBJ_Bridge”,
“GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoStopWatch”
“Map”: “OBJ_CanaryWharf”,
“GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoStopWatch”
“Map”: “OBJ_Dockyard”,
“GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoStopWatch”
“Map”: “OBJ_TerminalRedux”,
“GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoStopWatch”
“Map”: “OBJ_Trainyard”,
“GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoStopWatch”
“Map”: “OBJ_Whitechapel”,
“GameMode”: “ShooterGame.SGGameInfoStopWatch”

(toiletrolltube) #28

Is there any reason why that config would break the server?

I figured out how the Admin stuff works, I didn’t realise you had to use AdminLogin Password through the console after logging in to my reserved slot, at least that’s one thing solved.

i3d have no idea why simply changing from objective maps to stopwatch is causing the server to break and default to 16 players. Is there some other setting I need?

Also, when the game browser says it has 9/9 players, it won’t let me join with my reserved slot. It tells me the server is full. All games are 5v4 even when I’m logged in. This server stuff is strange.

(ASD) #29

not sure about it… the first i found so far is different from my working config:
you use different quotationarks
or maybe just the forum software make them look differently…

and there is a } missing at the very end… maybe this one simply is lost by copying here to the forum but the last 3 lines shoult look like this



(toiletrolltube) #30

Hi ASD, thanks for the reply.

I noticed the quotation marks here too, I think the forum might have changed them. As advised I’m using Visual Studio Code and Notepad2 to copy straight quotations to the server config.

You are correct, the last bracket was lost in pasting, but exists in my serverconfig.

i3d can’t seem to debug, so I have no idea. I’m even having problems with the reserved slot. The Server Browser reports my game as 9/9 when it should probably be 9/10 (one for me), which means I can’t login because the server is full. When I can login the teams are always unbalanced 4v5. I’ll do some more tinkering now that I stopped the server. Obviously I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what.


I’m not sure if the forum has messed around with the formatting of your config, but if it hasn’t, then I’m seeing this problem with your config:

Specifically, the quotation marks. I’m seeing opening (“) and closing (”) quote characters throughout your config. That will break things if used in your server config. You’ll want to make sure you’re using straight/vertical quotation marks (").

If you’re struggling to see the difference between those symbols, zoom in. It’s enough of a difference to upset the DB Game Server.

(ASD) #32

sorry i cant help with the privatslots as 8:8 is the limit… and i dont want to “waste” a slot… so i live with the thing sometimes, if i came to late i cant also join my own server…

(toiletrolltube) #33

The server is working as expected now with stopwatch maps, so, I’m happy enough. i3D looked at the config, the quotes were all straight/vertical, but there may have been a missing comma, bracket etc somewhere. I’ve removed the reserved slot as it makes teams uneven e.g 5/4, 9 players for my 10 slot server. In effect, when the server reaches nine players I can’t login and this negates the purpose. Now I just use auto login and wait for a slot to become available, no big deal.

Here’s my server: i3Dnet - Have Fun #833809 (dot removed, in case I can’t post links)

Merc stacking enabled. All levels welcome, all mercs/guns allowed. Yes, even those pesky shotguns :slight_smile:
No Castle, Heist or Dome. Ping limit 150. FF disabled. That’s about it, just have fun.

Thanks for your help Maisy, ASD, Mc1412013