Dirty Bomb: Moving into 2020

(Zero Phoenix) #41

Based off my observation and some advise from thousands-hours old players, here are some weapons I would like to see a change on it:

BR16/Stark: Quicker burst, and less spread, make it feels like back in the old days but not that op. Anyway, burst rifles deserve better stats since they take some skills to handle.
(You can turn Stark back to the lazer burst but only have a magazine size of 21 rounds and slower reloading, since the weapon model has a smaller magazine)

Dreiss: A bit less spread is all it need.

Grandeur: Buff RPM to around 240.

SHAR: Buff RPM to around 500 and nerf magzine to 25.

Ahnuhld: Buff RPM to 120 or increase effective range, since Fletcher and Rhino ususally cant deal the maximum damage outta it due to their mobility.

MK46: Buff damage to 12, nerf magazine size to 75.

K121: Less overall recoil, less zoom in when aiming, nerf magazine size to 50.

Tomahawk: HITBOOOOOOX!!!

(Press E) #42

There are a lot of things in DB that still need tweaking, but SD already removed all monetization from the game, that ship has sailed. As much as I love DB, they’re not gonna pull devs away from other projects to do anything with a game with only a few hundred active players at any given time, just be glad they kept the game up as long as they did, SD could have just dropped it before they even got community servers figured out for after official servers die

Also keep in mind the old DB players can never agree on anything really, just look through all the old balance discussions here. Hell, I’ve been here since 2015 with 1,600 hours in game and I don’t agree with most of those lol. Everyone has a different playstyle, so everyone’s biased one way or another. It isn’t as easy as “oh the community wants this number to be 12 instead of 11, let me just quickly change it”, you have to figure out what’s objectively best for everyone, and on top of that what’s best for both veteran AND casual players, which won’t always align.

But even though balance isn’t perfect, it’s hardly a dealbreaker. Nothing is so overtly broken that I’ve seen anyone wanna quit over it, so I don’t think it’s the end of the world if things stay as they are.

(Zero Phoenix) #43

I cant say my ideas are 100% right, probaly not even 50%. But atleast for one thing I am very sure: almost no one will pick up burst rifles and dreiss unless they are playing Arty or Kira, everyone just go full auto all the way.

(Your worst knifemare.) #44

You clearly underestimate the Stark Thunder meta

(K1X455) #45

Add Double Time, Drilled and Spares to punish noobs and make them cry “Uninstall” so hard, they write a review saying how bad the game is.

(Zero Phoenix) #46

nah I am using a Thunder card with focus, spare mag and bigger explosion(maybe not the right name since I am using another language). I found Stark and flashbang made a good combo, after flashbanged enemies , just aim for their heads and everyone will got mow down within 2 clicks.
But that’s because they cant move, Stark still struggles when comes to moving targets(especially Aura and Proxy), it requires extremely accurate control to put down them while they simply just spraying at you with full auto.
Plus, Stark cant even put down 120hp target within 7 bodyshot(17x7=119), which is a bit awkward.

(Press E) #47

Honestly I don’t think having worse weapons is a bad thing as long as the mercs who have them are balanced around that to be stronger, basically the reason sparks only has machine pistols. And imo kira and arty are definitely powerful enough. It’s the same way I feel about shotguns, why should rhino have a shotgun on par with every other merc when he also has a minigun?

But yeah, playing burst rifles on other mercs just feels kinda weird, especially the BR16. You’re talking skybro, jav, fragger, etc. Not sure who would choose the BR over something like the M4 if players have the option, it’s not like the cards that have it are much better.
I feel like if development had kept going, most of those burst rifles on mercs who aren’t kira or arty would have probably gotten switched out in gen 3 with all the new weapons. SHAR-C on fragger, skybro with the hurtsall, etc. Plus ember’s weapon and whatever weapons would have come after her

(Your worst knifemare.) #48

Mabye we’ll get loadout changes in 2030 once DB2: Radiation Vacation starts its beta phase