Devs abandoning DB?

(Patrica1234) #1

Ever since 1.0 it seems that most communication has stopped, the youtube for example. It would be nice to know if they are continuing to support the game or just leaving by the wayside.

(geefunkster) #2

Yeah, the silence has been deafening.

I hope the devs realise DB’s continuing potential and they’re beavering away on a revamp or even a deal to pass it on to someone who will manage it better. We can hope.

More likely they’re just letting it die quietly.

(kittz0r) #3

1+ Month and all we have is basically silence, wouldn’t you finally let go of your Ex or the interested Person if they would be silence for 5 Weeks?

It’s Game Over, I doubt they smack us with a surprise Update and Marketing, Server fixes and Stuff.

(Smooth) #4

Over the past month our main focus has been fixing the server issues, which we finally finished resolving yesterday. We’re very sorry this took so long!

We’re also currently hiring for a new Community Manager, which is partly why the weekly videos & streams have stopped.

(geefunkster) #5

Thanks for that. Any idea when we can expect a more comprehensive dev update?


The only real question everyone’s asking is, when will the “support” last for DB, as far as I know, many if not most devs got transferred over to other projects, so, what now? what will happen to the game, or will this be another Brink situation?, no offense.

(ASD) #7

does this also apply to the community servers with this lag shit?

would realy love to see this fixed

(mrdisco) #8

I don’t want to be a dick but… is there anything that needs to be said at this moment?

They doesn’t seem to have a content update for the rest of the year.

(kittz0r) #9

Must be hard to type 2 Lines on Twitter or make a 1 Minute Video with short infos?

Nobody in their right Mind of believe your Statement. You all sit on Discord and can type random Stuff there during work hours but aren’t able to make some useful Posts? yea eat my shorts…

(DarkangelUK) #10

I get your frustration but seriously stop being a douche please, it’s not helpful to anyone

(kittz0r) #11

Uhm what?

i can’t say that they don’t need a CM for Twitter or Reddit post to say whats going on? it feels like Reddit here, only thing which is missing is being banned for saying something simple like that…

(ThePigVomit) #12

Rare the servers up? Yup. Are people playing? Yup.

Okay then, live game lives.

(Patrica1234) #13

Are we getting new content? Nope. Are the dev’s communicating with a few lines on a twitter feed? Nope. You see not so good.

(ZaZa) #14

I’ve replied earlier and replying again on the same matter. Isn’t that quite clear they haven’t abandon DB, more like they’re focusing on the main priority which is to get a fix for the server issues we’re experiencing and that fella, I think is a health sign and everything is in order and they return to fixing other things after this, quite natural behavior in my opinion.

Dev op post:

(Meetrock) #15

A company that makes video games search for a community manager role for a reason. 99% of the devs are introverts, while a community manager is most likely an extravert. You probably never talked to a programmer in real life to understand this.

(phobiatic) #16

We lost 25% of the player base the passed month. This is the answer of the community because SD doesn’t want to inform us about anything that is going on. Sadly this is noting new, the whole beta it was a guessing game what we would get and when. One would think they learned from the beta process.

I gave the game another try after the 1.0 release. Not only was the balance not there like before, but also the hit regs / warping and not even getting indicators that you get shot made me loose my interest again very quickly. For me 1.0 just feels as a bad marketing stunt since it didn’t get more players to the game and made the whole game experience worse then it was before. Why was there need to push a 64 bit client that caused more harm then it fixed?

Sadly I moved on from Dirty bomb, it is such a nice fluid combat system but without any polish it is just nice fluid combat and not a shooter. I hope SD can prove me wrong with future patches, but from the passed we learned that this will not happen.

(kittz0r) #17

Yet Smooth can crawl out of his Cave on Reddit and defend everything after 1 User posted quite a Topic.
Not to Mention that Moobabe was also the “SD CM”, what happend to that?

So they can do “Ask the Devs” but they can’t create a 2 Minute Video with Exedore or whoever (moobabe or catata even stream) and let People know what is going on?

I’m also shy and quite but that doesn’t mean i let People now know what is going on. You seem like another Dude who has excuses after excuses. Even wit shoe as CM there were time with a long silence period, so your Post doesn’t even make sense.

(Meetrock) #18

Have you ever worked in a big IT company? (Anything IT related). If you did, you should understand that every person has a role in the company, SD has the CM role so they don’t have to go add an extra task for people who already have a shitton of tasks, so if you think that the devs are just sitting there doing nothing important, you should try to understand an IT company works. I am 100000% sure none of the devs actually have “time” to create a video, nor a stream if you insist. And don’t tell me they can make a few seconds video with someone talking, it’s not professional for a big company like SD and in order for it to be professional it will take time, and as I said, they don’t have that available for the roles they have. For me, if SD wasn’t trying to communicate with us, they wouldn’t be searching for a CM the moment Shoe left (or reassigned to another poste in the company).

(pumpkinmeerkat) #19

Quite a few recent posts from Smooth and other devs here and here. Not really any new info to speak of but still a worth while read.

I would like to know if SD has anything planned for DB at the moment. The game was not ready for 1.0 as many bug fixes and planned features are still nowhere to be seen. Some of these were even teased for after release. If they are only planning to keep servers running with the current state of the game I think that is a massive shame. It’s also very disheartening to hear this is what we should expect from mods on official forum without any comment from SD.

It’s also very sad that Shoe received no goodbye post or even mention from SD. I cannot believe they allowed this to happen and still haven’t said anything more than they are looking to hire a new community manager :cry:

This has been my go-to shooter since the tail end of closed beta and I still have matches that keep me coming back. The community as a whole has accepted poor communication throughout development but there was also an expectation that major bugs and server performance would be improved for 1.0. I had many conversations with Shoe, previous mods, and tech support that made me believe the game would not release in a still semi-broken state. Unfortunately this is exactly what has happened and i really hope there are plans to continue to actually support the game. Maps would be great and cosmetics if team has time but the core experience is still a ways off and that is what I think a lot of us still care about.

Thank you @Smooth for responding here and on Reddit. We get that it’s nearly impossible to respond to so much negative feedback (sorry for what i have added here) but communication is a big part of the issue as well. Honestly any response is positive at this point, especially after such a long radio silence and a troubled 1.0 release.

(kittz0r) #20

It’s professional to release broken Stuff 24/7 and just be silent? so a short Twitter message which reads: We are working on DB and have things on Hand. Our Communication will be slow until we have a new CM.

Is that so hard? no…