Devs abandoning DB?

(Mc1412013) #21

Doughball and geeky baking were only ones telling us anything but now they “fixed” the servers so now they dont say crap either. Even with a cm devs talked to us. So using the we have no cm speach for no comunication is bull crap as they just dont want to admit db is dead.

(DarkangelUK) #22

I agree with this, it was a big mistake on SD’s part to stay completely silent throughout when even a simple message to acknowledge that they were aware of the issues would have been nice.

(Begin2018) #23

They abandoned a long time ago!

(Mc1412013) #24

Ok if thats only partly the reason wonder what the other b.s reasons are. A quick 1 minute dev vid with little to no editing giving us updates is better than no updates. Its not like you dont have any devs that havent been infront of the camera. Just write a few things on a cue card and say it. Im sure what u want to say will pop in your head out of nowhere up during the week so finding time to think isnt an excuse either. Dont want yo do a vid? well doesnt take more than 5 min to type an update in here or anouncement in discord your ALREADY on there. theres not one plausable or acceptable reason for this dead silence. Either tell us whats going on give us some kind of d.b update or road map or tell us you abandoned the game and give us closure. but stop blaming no cm as the cause of sead silence its a bulshit excuse

(Begin2018) #25

Well, they are probably ashamed for releasing a shitty 1.0. Then they hide.

(kittz0r) #26

but they already hid before 1.0 :see_no_evil:

(Meetrock) #27

Some devs already made posts in this forum, which is the official forum for DB if you haven’t noticed. Their posts indicated they’re working on solving the issues, and it’s enough, they don’t have to go to a social media and tell you about it. They already know the community is small and probably 90% of players who care about the game actually visit this forum, so a post here is logically enough to show us they’re working on the current issues.

And if you haven’t noticed, DB is a free game that underwent a development of nearly 3 years. If the devs go silent for a few weeks, don’t blame them, they’ve been making a game no one pays for (Hell even the microtransactions can be dodged if you’re patient enough). So please, stop blaming the devs for something they can’t change.

(kittz0r) #28

you know they don’t even Post all the News on their so called “official” Forum? you know they have a official Twitter/FB/Istagram/Discord to make Announcements and Stuff?

So just because they do their Work i’m not allowed to criticize them? my good people like you are the Problem in Society.
You also seem to forget they always go silent after Updates even before 1.0? and 5 weeks with huge Issue, not only Servers.

Fine, you can be all that optimistic and positive but denying other People right to critique Stuff just puts you into a weird Location, its called being a…

(Meetrock) #29

You’re starting to lose your grip. I’m happy to counter you whenever you decide to have better arguments. And just so you know, all the apps you mentioned (Twitter/FB … etc) have security measures that are applied on everyone, so you can’t expect a bunch of people logging in into the same account without being noticed (If you can’t tell, it’s actually automatic, they don’t need a person sitting in front of the screen checking if someone else logged in to the same account, the machine does it all). And moreover, even if a bunch of devs managed to use the same account at the same time or even log in in different times, it breaks the idea of an account. A single person must manage that account (A community manager DUUUUH), so I see no reason for SD to actually give access to the acc to several people (Typically, I think the only people who have access to it are the CEO, Human Resources Manager and the Community Manager).

And to end this conversation with you, I’d like to say that I’m not taking any right from you, you can critise whomever you want with whatever way or means you want. I’m just here to remind you that doing so will only make it worse for you, you won’t win anything for it, because apparently:


(DarkangelUK) #30

Stick to your points and back off with the personal attacks please, I’m sure you can get your point across without the insults. If you can’t then don’t reply

(Belica) #31

Stop saying something is right, when its wrong.

anyway, soon or later i think i wont surprise if the game gone from the world, it sad, but nvm it cant be helped, i just realize the game might be broken becoz of some unprofessional issue that player’s should not need to know.

so i can only say “the ship is sinking captain”.
hey ive got an idea, how about a new merc with captain theme :slight_smile: yohooo yohooo.

(kittz0r) #32

show me where i insult someone… please do it. otherwise other Mods should maybe step in and shut you up. I also report your behavior to SD, unbelievable…
If i insult someone isn’t it your Job to delete my Post or Edit my Post? since you didn’t do anything in this Direction…

Uhm I didn’t know you can’t setup a Company Account, how do other Companies manage their social media accounts?
You also totally ignore the Fact that they even abandon this Forum with News for quite some Time, I bet they couldn’t log in?

I mean where are your Arguments? you make assumptions and nothing more.


I just wanna show how Hi-Rez has improved their Communication and Co

And Hi-Rez is really not a Company People like or enjoyed in the Past.

(DarkangelUK) #33

Telling someone that they’re the problem with society isn’t a productive way to go, or subtle suggestions of “it’s being called a…”, however @Meetrock shouldnt be saying people are losing their grip on reality either as it will just cause hostility unncessarily

I’m in complete agreement with the communication issues, losing the CM isn’t a valid excuse for going completely radio silent, but in smooths defense he agreed that this wasn’t a good excuse either which at least acknowledges the failings there. Meetrock is right that there has been info put out there, but it shouldn’t be the community’s responsibility to try and find it in those various places (hence my attempt at collating it all into one post). The reaction from users is completely understandable and I really hope SD learn from this going forward.

(kittz0r) #34

i don’t know for me its just saying that somebody is just following a Company or Product and defend it even though 95% of the Customers have Problems with it.
Following blindly and ignore basically all the negative Reviews etc is just a bad thing in Society and that’s what i wanted to say with that.

But i will just Logout and throw my Accounts away since everyone is apparently pissed…

(DarkangelUK) #35

At times there appears to be extremes at both ends, you’ll get people that will defend how SD handled things which I agree shouldn’t be defended as it was handled very poorly, but they acknowledge that it wasn’t as bad as people are making it which I can understand. Then you’ll also get others that say SD are the worst company in the world, completely incompetent etc. which I don’t think is fair, but again I can understand their frustrations, but dismissing the points of positive actions is just as counter productive as them dismissing peoples points of negative actions, so I’d say both sides that have a severely narrow view aren’t exactly the best for society if you can’t see both sides of the argument.

(Runeforce) #36

-A quote of Trumpian dimensions.

(Nail) #37

cool, works for me

(B_Montiel) #38

It’s free, yes, so what ? Does it justify anything ?

And this is a very example of what you cannot tell to excuse them. This pretty much justifies why they went on a rampage of bad decisions since the very beginning, mostly trying to drag an audience such game CANNOT get nowadays (impossible, totally impossible).

Pairing with Nexon, turning down the expectations of server binaries and SDK, not splitting skins from loadouts, the list would go on and on, and I’ve only mentioned issues that were already big during alpha / closed beta states.

Nevertheless, right now we can easily say that we’re expecting some clarification for the incoming months. Some very worrying news talk about handing DB back to the community. What is going to happen ? With a game with no modding / content creation possibilities, no server binaries, what does this even mean ?

(fubar) #39

It’s “free” because in today’s market free2play games are far more profitable and create far more revenue for the company behind it than full-fledged release titles. Especially so if you brand it as Early Access for 3 years while suckering in money for cosmetics.

Stop arguing all its faults and shortcomings as a “but it’s free to play”. ■■■■ that noise so much, it’s not free because the studio is doing you a favor, it’s free because it’s more lucrative.

(Meetrock) #40

@fubar @B_Montiel Everything in DB is TOTALLY FREE, you can buy weapon keys for credits now, the only thing that is paid for with real money is rads, which is actually useless for me. And I keep to my opinion, DB is a free game for years, and everything in it is free, so stop whining about it. If you don’t like how things are going, please uninstall the game and logoff your db forum account and live happily ever after.

The game will improve, and you all will smile from ear to ear.