Custom level list.

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An up to date list of the latest versions of all the custom maps, mods and the servers running them. Note that none of these can be played on vanilla ranked servers. Any update request or questions should go after these posts.

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Custom Servers

Dusk Servers

[li] ICE Dusk Mod [a8-pre11] -[/li][/ul]

Quake Wars: Tactical Assault Servers


Final or as final as they’ll ever be


[li] Maridia (Final) By Chris : 6v6 Infantry. From the maker of Meltdown, this map is fully playable with no obvious imbalance issues and it flows very well.[/li][li] ATW4 (Beta 2) By Mordenkainen : 6v6 CTF. Fully playable with no known issues.[/li][li] Maridia CTF (Beta 1) By Chris : 6v6 CTF. A CTF map based on Chris’ Maridia map.[/li][li] Facility (Final) By nkm : 2v2 Infantry. Remake of a Goldeneye 64 map.[/li][li] Laboratory Storage (Final) By World : 3v3 Infantry. The author is gone so as final as it will ever be.[/li][li] VioE1M1 - Hangar (Beta 2) By Violator : 4v4 Infantry. A remake of the classic VioE1M1 map from the good old days of DOOM. The map has been adapted to Quake Wars and features a transmit objective with Strogg on offense.[/li][li] de_dust2 (Final) By ??? : 6v6 Infantry. Remake of a popular Counter-Strike map. And by remake I mean copy/paste.[/li][li] Comm Link (Final) By Zig-Zag : 6v6 Infantry. Fully playable and balanced for stopwatch.[/li][li] Sabotage (Alpha 3) By Gamma : 6v6 Infantry. A brand new infantry map which takes place entirely indoors.[/li][li] Sky (Final) By World : 12v12 Infantry. Fully playable quake-like style jump-pad heaven. Fix for the last objective provided by Mordenkainen.[/li][li] ATW3 (Beta 4) By Mordenkainen : 12v12 mixed. Fully playable and fairly balanced. The new beta expands the hack objective’s hut and fixes some of the lighting issues.[/li][li] Free Spirit City (Final) By []v[] : 12v12 Heavies. A Wheel of War map that was adapted for regular play. The third beta adds a new entrance for the final objective and moved the anansi to a more accessible location.[/li][li] Free Spirit Pro (Final) By []v[] : 12v12 Heavies. A Free Spirit City release targeted for the ETQWPro crowd where the MCP and bunker phase have been removed.[/li][li] Hoggin (Final?) By Chris : Lots and lots of hogs. There’s some jumps too but mostly hogs. Here’s a little movie from Donnovan that will explain it a little better.[/li][li] Estate (v2 Beta 6) By Violator : 12v12 Heavies. Fully playable MCP map. The latest beta makes some more tweaking to the final objectives that will hopefully fix that problem once and for all.[/li][/ul]

Playable but still in development

  • [li] Retake of the Forums [Alpha 1] Since the hostile take over by the Strogg, Activision have performed many crimes against gaming, franchise milking, poor marketing strategies for independent titles, Wolfenstein and so on, however the removal of the ET:QW community forums without prior warning was the final straw![/li][li] Abusir beta2 @[/li][li] Team Jungle (Beta 2) By MoP a single-objective document grab/delivery map.[/li][li] Consite (Beta 1) By the community : 6v6 Mixed. A bunch of mappers are pooling their resources to build a community map with emphasis on gameplay over graphics.[/li][li] LNA Trickjump (Beta 3) By [LNA]Kriterium : Trickjumps. Various trickjumps have been cut out of the stock maps and assembled into this map.[/li][li] Steedium Mines (Beta 2) By Violator. 4v4 Infantry. A small infantry map targeting the competition community. It’s still in early alpha stages so it’s nowhere near complete.[/li][li] Radar (Beta 2) By Chris & DugDanger: 6v6 Infantry. This W:ET radar remake is the map we’ve all been waiting for. The objectives have been adapted to fit within ET:QW but are still true to the original.[/li][li] Meltdown (Beta 4) By Chris : 6v6 Infantry. Fully playable with slight FPS issues being worked on. Scales up very well with more players and is balanced for stopwatch.[/li][li] Canal (Beta 3) By Chris : 6v6 Infantry. A new map from Chris bringing some good old fashion urban warfare with actual uses for the platypus (that boat thing).[/li][li] Retake to the Andes (Beta 1) By Donnovan : 12v12 Mixed. The new release attempts to reduce the spam on the last objective and tries to decomplexify the underground. 4.1 fixes an exploit with the hack objective.[/li][li] BaseRace (Alpha 3b) By Chris : 12v12 Heavies. It had to happen eventually. BaseRace has been ported to ET:QW. Keep in mind that this is more a proof-of-concept then an actual release. It’s still damn fun though. [/li][ Download Link ]
  • The Tower (Alpha 3) By Zig-Zag : 12v12 Heavies. The new alpha was publicly released in preparation for Seanza’s custom cup. Includes the redesign of the hack objectives and various other tweaks. Feedback is appreciated.[/li][li] Arctic Assault (Alpha 2) By Scrupus : 12v12 Heavies. An almost complete remake of the a1 release which greatly improves just about every aspect of the map. It’s huge, it’s pretty and it’s tons of fun.

Work in progress


[li] Brinstar By Chris.[/li][li] pkin By pazur[/li][li] Castle Attack By []v[] ET level updated for the Strogg Wars. updated[/li][li] Santorini (WIP) By ShibbyUK[/li][li] Biggun (WIP) By Violator. an infantry-based map with Strogg on offense.[/li][li] Take It to Stroggos (WIP) By |WCK|MurderFace : Finally a map that will take place on the Strogg homeworld.[/li][li] Wake Island (WIP) By Pytox : An MCP map located in a tropical paradise where both sides will get a chance to be on offense.[/li][/ul]


[li] Operation Broken Arrow. Cache link.[/li][li] Brimstone (WIP) By BerenAndLuthien.[/li][li] Ji ming temple (WIP) By Yun_Xiao : 12v12 Infantry(?). A Chinese themed level with temples everywhere.[/li][/ul]

Mod Levels

[li] Spirit Speedway By []v[]. The only custom made Racing track for the mod Wheels of War.[/li][li] Instagib Mod Map-pack (Final) By Instagib Team : 6v6 DM\TDM. Includes 5 maps that you may recognize from past gaming experience. These are best suited as mindless frag-fest.[/li][li] q3dm17 (Beta 1) By ArR0tTa : 4v4 DM\TDM. A remake of the Q3DM17 map from Quake 3. Best used with the instagib mod.[/li][/ul]

Flying Maps

[li] Battlestrogg Galactica (Beta 1) By []v[] : 12v12 Dogfighting. A dogfighting map with objectives… IN SPACE![/li][li] Tourian (Beta 1) By Chris. 6v6 Dogfighting. A dogfighting map with objectives which takes place in the same setting as Maridia.[/li][/ul]

Duel Maps


[li] LNA 1v1 (Final) By [LNA]Kriterium : 1v1 Duel.[/li][li] TE Valhalla (Final) By Suso : 2v2 Duel. Remake of a W:ET duel map.[/li][li] Arena 01 (Alpha) By Twitch__ : 2v2 Duel.[/li][li] ctf_multidemo (1.0b) By Juniper : 3v3 Duel. Remake of a RTCW map by Reyalp.[/li][li] Duel Towers (Beta 2a) By ArR0tTa : up to 6v6 Duel.[/li][/ul]


Mod list


[li] [23rd Century Warfare]( Optimizing the game for full 32 player matches at vast uniquely created battlefields where players will join huge fights experiencing combat like never before. [Homepage]([/li]
[li] [Tribal Wars]( The Modification for ETQW which brings in some of the classic elements of Starsiege: Tribes is now complete and available to the general public. The modification features Jetpacks, New Weapons, two new Maps, and a CTF Gametype. [Homepage]([/li]
[li] [Brace (Alpha 3a)]( By Tex Brace is a Duos Deathmatch mod, where multiple teams of 2 players each fights for fame and victory. You can search for weapons and "packs" (just like in Dusk), and loot your fallen enemies for their favorite weapons and stash.[/li]
[li] [ETQWPro (1.0)]( By the ETQWPro Team : Mod focused on enforcing competition rules and bringing several gameplay tweaks. It also includes a [ranking system]( for the stats obsessed and it enables the auto-download of megatextures. Most custom map server will run this mod so it's well worth having.[/li]      The 1.0 release is likely to be the final release for this mod.

[li] [Quake Wars: Tactical Assault]( (v0.31) By Azuvector : This mod is intended to tweak the core gameplay aspects of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, to create a more believable, more realistic experience, that plays more like a serious science fiction movie, than an arcade game. This mod also includes other interesting features like a supped up Hyperblaster that can lock-on and a the Jupiter which makes the Titan look like a husky.[/li]

[li] Dusk Mod (Alpha 7) By Tex : Survival mod where it’s 5 of you against a raging horde of knife wielding zombies.[/li]
[li] Dogfighting Mod (Alpha 3) by Timestar: A mod that aims to facilitate everything related to dogfighting. Right now it removes the need to stay in warmup or enable cheats on a server to be able to have a duel. The latest alpha added the ability for server admins to disable 90s.[/li]
[li] Flymod(Alpha 4 - Discontinued) By murka: A new dogfight mod that aims to facilitate everything related to dogfighting by having the players and the fliers (4 anansis and tormentors on each side) instantly respawn and also by enabling admins to disable 90s.[/li]
[li] Instagib Mod ETQW (Beta 0.1) By Lifetap & Jaana : TDM with no-spread railguns that 1 hit kills everything they touch. Includes 5 new DM/TDM maps that also work without the mod and can be used to play against bots.[/li]
[li] Wheels of War (Alpha 0.2) By the WoW team : Racing mod that converts all stock maps into racetracks where you can duke it out with 9 brand new racecars. There’s also a ranking system available. No longer updated.[/li]
[li] Stroggos Localizationby KOHyC: Are you fluent in Stroggos and tired of these pesky human languages? Well this localization pack is the answer you’ve been looking for! You can now translate all these pesky human language into a pleasant Strogg alphabet.[/li]
[li] StupidQW By [TFA]Violator. Stupid QuakeWars! This not too serious mod follows the great tradition of Stupid Quake for Quake2 where overpoweredness is key. Enjoy the benefits of the machine railgun, rocket launcher and shotgun, and the delights of the suicide rail chucker! [/li]
[li]Stroggification Alpha 2By Tex. Just a quick and easy ‘Zombie mod’ - Stroggification leaves the Strogg with melee weapons, removes most deploys and vehicles.[/li]Is intended to be played with a few GDF vs many Strogg - currently 4 vs 12 plays good, but feedback on how it plays would be nice.

[li] Quakeworld Physics Mod By avirox. The purpose of this mod is to add (greatly exaggerated) QuakeWorld-esque air control and bunnyhopping to ET:QW[/li][/ul]


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See my ‘vio’s map index’ thread for the latest versions of my maps (steedium mines is on b2 for instance).

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Please add my PKiN map to “work in progress”: :slight_smile:

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Wow nice post pics in the WIP thread!

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Andes is B1, not Alpha 4.1. Consite is Beta 1, not WIP.

You get thread from cache, []V[]?

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Yes cache from thread i got young padawan. No worries all will be sorted. only took a sec to get the cache.
if we lose all at the other place then we can recover. just thought this would help those searching now for some custom goodness. num num.

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Yes, will help!

You got from you brownser cache, on your computer? If yes, i can still find my topics here, just need to search on the “hiden cache folders”?

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Eer! no Donnovan. Search on google for what you want.
ie Donnovan megatexture quake wars.
then when you see your page from the community page press the cache option. i doubt you will find anything on your hard drive.

Look example cache.

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Ok, i understand, thankyou.

But you know there is a local cache done by brownsers, don’t? Already found some flash files i want on those cache folders. Will take a look!

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The w.i.p list is scarily short. If you are working on something then please dish the dirt and give us a name and plot.

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Thanks for the updates, and good idea to move some of the WIPs to MIA (even if it’s sad they will never be).

One minor suggestion - move the bold from vanilla to ranked so people don’t get the (wrong) idea of custom only with mods.

Now let’s hope we see some more WIP threads soon, or even some new releases :eek:

btw should maybe have an index of mods too?

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GDF are planning to attack the last and biggest of the off-shore stroyent facilities discovered from intel captured during the liberation campaign in the UK. Fresh intel however has also indicated that the strogg have one of their ‘Mother Brains’ located at the same facility which are responsible for coming up with tactics for the invasion force as the war rages on. The GDF now aim to kill two birds with one stone by elimating the last source of Stroyent in Europe and crimpling the strogg invasion strategy in one single strike.

Pics in WIP thread.

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I keep lolling at the mother brain xD

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ta chris ill pop that up.

Question: is there a daddy brain and do they have sprogg(baby) brains?

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They have to make sex to produce small baby brains?

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Didn’t you know brains reproduce by wiggling their toes?

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They are manufactured…

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or grown out of a lettuce, lol…

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Get this in there as well

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Ooh, I thought that was dead :o
Last entry I read was the 2009-03 one, after which there were no updates for like 9 months :frowning:

It looks great though, they better publish that soon!