Custom level list.

(.Chris.) #21

Yes we are still working on it, by we I mean mainly arcanox and co, I too thought it was dead till before xmas, I’m trying to make up for my absence though but work and real life can be bitch…

(light_sh4v0r) #22

Good to hear :slight_smile:

(f34n0r) #23

you guys are missing Operation Broken Arrow by sunset from WIP

(iwound) #24

Bump Bump

Just adding some more newley released levels.

Get ya customs here, Ga yaa coostooms ere! Gyaacsooms ear!

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[/B][LEFT]or just F1 sticky it. Probably do more good in the main forum.

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you have twars twice. :slight_smile:

(iwound) #26

err because its so good. ok ive only had 2 hrs sleep.
added 23 century warfare. whatever happened to that. hope its still going. added anyways. ty for stickied.

(.Chris.) #27

They moved to UDK.

No update on source though.

(AnthonyDa) #28

Some links are still pointing to old community site (rip).

(iwound) #29

updated but still cant find links for a few like sabotage. awaits tony quip.

retake of the forums up. please post any other usefull links for these levels.

(AnthonyDa) #30

I think you can point map link to scrupus server without any problem.

(scud24) #31

Most of the links you listed need updating

(light_sh4v0r) #32

Brace deserves a mention I think :slight_smile:

(taw_m0nsta) #33

Yeah lets update this topic. From what I can see Nirvana and TAW is pretty much offering the same custom maps, ill bet there are a few maps Nirvana and TAW as well no longer want to provide as download. At the moment TAW is holding 3.5 gb of custom content (also include older map versions). I guess discussing and sharing experience on all custom maps which are still worth playing will be useful to create a lighter total map package so when players join for the first time they won’t get fed up with 1gb+ of content. I only care about stuff that is cross platform playable. (so no brace, dust, promod, instagib, twars, andes, santorini, sabortage). Isn’t there a way that Google can host all the custom maps? (so the download will be fast), or does that requires the map authors agreement?

(.Chris.) #34

The ****? Andes is a great map…

(taw_m0nsta) #35

Yeh I can remember it as good map also. Sadly its still isn’t running anymore on OSX, just had a look on it at again, and saw some errors about some scripts that could’n be found. Updated my topic.

(Scrupus) #36

Removing Andes (and mods) from public just because they don’t support MacOSX sounds silly IMO :wink:

I also suggest to keep maps in one pack and rather let people install mods from other packs (or better, install mods from servers - they are pretty small compared to the maps and people tend to mess it up if they install them manually).

The most important thing for servers hosting maps, is to try using the same versions as much as possible, and keep them in base, to avoid too many redownloads of the same content.

The megatexures are also still a problem - I currently have a mega pack of about 100MB on my server, but will try to get rid of it somehow, or at least reduce it to a minimum. Ideally they should be put inside the maps individual pk4 files, but I’m not sure if we can do that without the mappers permission. It would also trigger a lot of redownloads for those who already have the maps.

I already host the nirvana maps on a 600Mbs connection and don’t think it will make much difference to put it on google - the bottleneck is usually at the users end. A shared torrent repo could be more interesting, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort at this point.

(Ashog) #37

as mentioned in other thread,

, just in case. This contains all latest versions of custom maps except glory of the weak and ATW3 + The Base map scripts as of 5.8.11.

(taw_m0nsta) #38

I guess its different for Custom Pubs, but I am just searching for options to keep everybody happy. Forced to disconnect myself while halfway in a campaign doesn’t make me happy. But okay, since ETQW will probably not come to Steam for Mac users the amount of PC players stay much higher…