Community Question: Multiplayer Game Modes

(badman) #1

This week’s Community Question is all about multiplayer game modes. Splash Damage’s games have traditionally been all about objective-driven gameplay, but there’s a whole bunch of different game modes out there that people enjoy.

So, what we’d like to know from you is the following:

Which of the following multiplayer game modes do you like and why?

This question’s multiple choice, so you can pick as many (or as few) modes as you like. In addition to voting in the poll, please also let us know why a particular mode appeals to you and what you enjoy most about it.

We look forward to your replies!

(DarkangelUK) #2

I prefer team play, so voted for all except deathmatch… never been a fan of deathmatch for some reason unless it was instagib, and even that wasn’t too often.

(Ruben0s) #3


(SebaSOFT) #4

Objective will win for sure, SD forums are plagued with people that actually love/tried SD games and more likely to like objective types…

I would look from 2nd -> bottom

(tokamak) #5

I think this poll shouldn’t have unlimited options (VOTE ALL THE THINGS!!1). It lowers the fidelity of the results. Two would’ve been enough, forcing people to make actual choices.

Objective can emulate all other game modes. But next to that (didn’t pick it to reinforce the value of objective) elimination guarantees the most exciting multiplayer/

(Jimmy James) #6

I voted for:

Objective - One team attempts to complete a series of objectives while the other must stop them
Team Deathmatch - Two or more teams compete to get the most kills
Capture and Hold - Teams fight to hold key locations on the map
Deathmatch - Free for all combat where players compete to earn the most kills

However they should rename “Capture and Hold” to “Camper and Hold”.


EDIT: I should probably elaborate:

“Capture the Flag”: Been there, done that. Didn’t enjoy it.

“Elimination”: Sounds like a lot of waiting around.

“Horde/Last Stand”: While I understand the need for bots I’d prefer to play against humans whenever possible.

(Humate) #7

Objective - the most exciting for me, but what Brink taught me is that the mode itself isnt enough :wink:

Duel - When its available in a game, I tend to favour this over tdm and ctf.

(wolfnemesis75) #8

First of all, I actually did the poll correctly this time! yay for me! :slight_smile:
Secondly, I like Team Objective because it stresses team. Then Horde Mode because you work together and its a shared experience towards achieving a high goal with cooperation. Then I selected Elimination because it makes the stakes very high. The only game I like Capture the Flag in is Halo. I like how its done in that game, but not as much in any other game.

I am not a big fan of deathmatch unless its with the feeling of actual teamwork like in Halo where you can team-up on a vehicle or defend locations. I like how its done in Halo, but am not a fan of Deathmatch in a game such as COD where its all about hiding, camping, etc.

The games I like the most are games like Halo or Gears of War. Horde Mode is really fun because you feel like you are part of a band of brothers, so the more that’s played up with drama, the better. Brink has this type of feel particularly on a map like CC at the part where you escort the bot through the Shanty town of the Resistance after you fix the crane. Firefight is a fun mode in Halo Reach.

L4D 2 has some innovative modes that are like Horde Mode or Firefight. Holding a position is very intense. Territory Capture is also a cool Mode in Halo, and there is a similar mode in Gears 3 which they call KOTH or Annex.

(Slade05) #9

All of them - done right.
Obj/stopwatch is the king, of course.

(tangoliber) #10

Objective…that is why we are all here, afterall.

(badman) #11

Unfortunately vbulletin is limited to either one choice or meeeeellions of choices (i.e. unlimited). For this one, we felt that it’s perfectly valid to allow people to enjoy more than one type of multiplayer mode, so it kind of worked out. :slight_smile:

(Om3ga) #12

Objective, team play FTW!

(Dormamu) #13

[QUOTE=Slade05;379093]All of them - done right.
Obj/stopwatch is the king, of course.[/QUOTE]
This ^
Voted for Obj./Other - Stopwatch

(tokamak) #14

Alright, as long as there’s the notion that because of the equal weight it doesn’t completely represent the true value of each mode.

(BomBaKlaK) #15

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(Indloon) #16


Stopwatch is full of adre.

Like in Wolfenstein:ET ratratratratrat,dududuududud,Objective Taken,Truck has stolen,Allies beated a clock.!!!

(iwound) #17

objective. if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

(ShaD) #18


(CleaverDancer) #19

Has to be Objective!

(AO) #20

Ow, I missed the multiple choice so voted only Horde/Last Stand, I meant to vote for Objective and Horde/Last Stand.