August 7th Update: Fragment Case Update, Double Loadout Case Drops and Obsidian Operative Proxy

(Chris Mullins) #1

Welcome to another Dirty Bomb update. In this one we’re making a number of big changes and it’s time for another make-over for Proxy.


Long story short, Fragment Cases will no longer drop after you complete matches.

Short story long, we know that many of you find the Fragment cases a little underwhelming when you earn them and they’re added to your inventory, so we thought of a better way for you to earn Fragments in a bit of a more interesting way (Read the next section to find out what)

Psst. If you have any Fragment Cases in your inventory, don’t worry! Those won’t be going anywhere, so you can save them for the memories or open them at your leisure.


Enter the replacement for Fragment Cases! We’ve more than DOUBLED the drop rate of Loadout Cases at the end of matches so your Loadout Card earn rate will increase significantly. But how does this give you more Fragments? Well, if you decide to Recycle the cards you get from these cases you’ll be earning a little more Fragments on average over time than you were before.

With this update we’ve also added your Fragment balance to the front-end menu so you always know how many you have. This should also help new and existing players get to know the Crafting system a bit more, making it easier to interact with and giving it more visibility.


Skydaddy brought home the bacon in the last update with his epic Obsidian overhaul, but now it’s Proxy’s turn to bring home a bigger piece of bacon (and hopefully a better metaphor).

When trying to describe this Obsidian it’s difficult to not use words like “f***g awesome", "holy st” and “very nice”. But don’t take it from me, check it out here:

Yea… That’s a thing, enjoy.

drops mic



  • Fixed issue where the individual Merc drop-down filter did not show any Merc Decks
  • Improved attacking hitbox of the Ulu
  • Fixed issue where the Founder’s Fragger model would incorrectly load at a certain distance
    • View below GIF to see the true hilarity of the issue)


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(Chris Mullins) #2

(Eox) #3

What’s better to start out the morning than a gif of Fragger having a boner really ?

(Oxayotl) #4

Well, that’s a big one. A medically OMFGWTF mega-giant tumor of death big one. It could be used as a weapon.

(Its Hari) #5

That’s some boner indeed.


OMG I love the Proxy :heart_eyes:

(Oxayotl) #7

Also Obsidian Nader when??? I want my German chick laying little eggs of death with a high-tech makeover too :heart_eyes:!

(Chris Mullins) #8

Me too!

(Oxayotl) #9

Was that an answer to me? Obsi Nader coming confirmed? OMFG HYPE!!!§§!!111:!:star_struck::v:t6::love_you_gesture:t6::+1:t6::smirk::money_mouth_face:

(Chris Mullins) #10

The opposite I’m afaid. As in, I too would like one, but sadly there is none :’(

(D'@athi) #11

Uhuhuhu hyped. Can’t wait to see them Proxys warping and/or jumping around and trying to hit people. Back into them games.

(K1X455) #12

Wasn’t there an Obsidian Nader during RS4?

(Judar) #13

Cool update, very lit, keep moving forward.

(Oxayotl) #14

Infinite sadness!
Have you already planned which mercs will receive the Obsidian Operative treatment next? Are you ready to announce it :smiley: ?

I meant Obsidian Operative not just Obsidian. The ones with a different model that looks all sy-fy and high-tech.
I of course bought the Obsidian card from RS4 :D.

(Jan S.) #15

More patchnotes like this, thanks :exedore:

(cFn) #16

Another Obsidian Proxy?!?!?!?

Obsidian Redeye when? :frowning:

(Freadanator) #17

I know what I am going to be dong now.

(SckatCat) #18

Oh sweet Jesus TWO Obsidians within a short timespan? I’m gunna cry.

(Meetrock) #19

The new Proxy Obsidian makes her look like she has a fatass.

(Your worst knifemare.) #20

How about obsidian Sparps? Or Kira?