New Dev Video: FACEIT Progress

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all,

FACEIT is a big part of 1.0 and with it Drafting is coming too…

Update Release Notes: August 7th Update: Fragment Case Update, Double Loadout Case Drops and Obsidian Operative Proxy
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(Chris Mullins) #2

(eitsch0r) #3

whoa shoe. !!!

brought his cousin from the 'muricas on to the dev team? thats some serious cabal goin on here!!

well played, mr footwear! next time bring on your nephew from the scottish highlands … with KILT :metal:


(ASD) #4

nothing for the comunity server section… :frowning:
how about adding some admin level stuff … so you can make someone admin without giving him some passwords and maybe different levels … so smal can only kick and higher can ban…

something like “usergroups.dat” in ETQW would be a good start