August 7th Update: Fragment Case Update, Double Loadout Case Drops and Obsidian Operative Proxy

(Pure3nvy) #21

Best. Obsidian. Ever. Hands down.

(Ptiloui) #22

I don’t often play Proxy, and when I play, I always use a Hochfir, but with this thicc skin, I might give a try to shitgun :stuck_out_tongue: (also Quick slash + bat combo is cancer :blush: (for others)))

(mrdisco) #23

I always drop money when these cosmetic updates arrives but can we see something regarding maps?

This is not a douchy question but more of a concern.

While the character and gun skins are incredible, people are getting burned out of playing the same maps over and over. I really don’t know if we can sustain a crowd until september.

(Mc1412013) #24

Well these obsidiabs get stranger and stranger.
2nd can we get variants i mean if im paying and u scrapped the weapons system give use multiple choices. i want to choose my primary. I hate shotguns i like hotchfir cards.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #25

do we have an idea of which merc is next then?

(Oxayotl) #26

The weapon thing is indeed quite interesting, it’s always annoying to get a skin but be unable to use it with the weapon you want.

(Frosty_Espresso) #27


(K1X455) #29

it’s rather a bit strange, the more I play, the less I get loadout cases…

the combined drop rate of arsenal crate and locked weapon cases still exceeds loadout cases so far :neutral_face: