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(Teuthis) #661

There will be a new map Directly connected to teuthonia very soon (so it’s the next Map of the plannend teuthonia Trilogie). The Map is called siwa_teuthonia and the Story is Directly connected to teuthonia so the new map should Play Directly before teuthonia. The new Map does Not only extend the teuthonia Story, also some landscape is from teuthonia and some Doors/Gates That Are closed in teuthonia are now Open. So lots of new Stuff with a Little Old Stuff. Story is the following : on their Way to teuthonia (Where Gold is Hidden in a bank), the Allies crashed in a nearby Oasis (siwa_teuthonia). Allies Must now make their Way into teuthonia (so the New Map is Going to be Map 1, the already released Map teuthonia is map2). Very unique objectives in this new map that haven’t been in any map i am Aware of. Inofficial Map Release for Testing plannend end February, Official Release plannend for end of March.

First screenies Here,35.0.html

(WuTangH) #662

:eek: :eek: :eek:
… the map looks awesome :slight_smile:


(macbeth) #663

hope this time no problem with the mines and nq mod

(Teuthis) #664

Thanks WuTangH, map brushwork went smoother than expected

@mcbeth, you stil have this mine problem with the old map? You never responded to me saying whether another mod has the same issue? I expect no issues and the map is independent of the mod :wink:

(macbeth) #665

[QUOTE=Teuthis;517614]Thanks WuTangH, map brushwork went smoother than expected

@mcbeth, you stil have this mine problem with the old map? You never responded to me saying whether another mod has the same issue? I expect no issues and the map is independent of the mod ;)[/QUOTE]
we only have with NQ but works fine with Silent so I have no clue why we have the mines yellow and black for playing nq
I deleted skins pack , menu to see but still the same

(CyburK) #666

Im working on a new map lately check out my blog for updates.
Its gonna be a real classic Wolfenstein Map with a lot of Mystery going on.

(Mateos) #667

Looks detailed and original :slight_smile:

(Magic) #668

Good to see you are back making some maps - looking forward to have a look.

(Magic) #669

Working on a new map for ET - hope ill be able to finish the beta before the end of the year.
A classic ET plot - escorting a truck - steal gold and escape :slight_smile:
Allies doing a raid through a little italien town.

(UJERebel) #670

Looks great! Thx for another map =)

(Mateos) #671

It just needs some materials in the streets and it would look finished o.o The textures, shadows and terrain blending is very nice :slight_smile: Phong shading?

Edit: Any tip about Command Map making? I tried to install the Extract tool on PhotoShop to follow a tut on Surface, but I can’t get a good result… Krischan tool doesn’t work for me :confused:

(KeMoN) #672

Astonishing. I think you showed me some pictures of it long ago and it looked already nice back then.
The textures are really nice. Where did you get them from if I may ask?

(CyburK) #673

yeah looking real nice! the layout looks balanced. should be fun to test and play.

(Indloon) #674

Nice maps CyburK & Magic

(MrLego) #675

Looking good Magic.

(Krischan) #676

Not really - first the good news: I didn’t cancel my FFM map :tongue:. The bad news: due a lot of work I had not much time the last six months, have been sick at last for a month and so I added only a few details and decided to resize the map to the half size which means: the river part gets canceled and I’m concentrating completely on the old city part now which is already about 60% finished. I have still a lot of scenery brushwork around the finished central buildings to do and the river made not much sense anymore.

Here some details shots from inside the “Roemer” Building. A tavern, a library and a registrar’s office.

(Mateos) #677

The rooms you’re showing have nice details, and looks very original :slight_smile: Fireplace, tables, textures for walls compared to wooden ceiling/floor :slight_smile:

Got a question about the lantern model, how have you placed the light entity(ies)? I have also few lanterns but I’m unhappy with the lighting they make… If you have a light and fade value to advice :slight_smile:

(Krischan) #678

For the lantern the lighting is very easy:

Model: models/mapobjects/light/lantern.md3 (misc_gamemodel)
Light: 40 units above the model, nonlinear (spawnflags=1), _color=1.0 0.8 0.6, intensity 50
DLight: 24 units above light, color=1.0 0.8 0.6, style=11

Beside that, there are three additional light below the ceiling like the one above, but with 150 intensity. Gives the screenshot in the third row in the middle.

See it in Radiant:

(Mateos) #679

Thanks, will try it out :slight_smile: Just the DLight word which sounds strange to me… I know Corona, Light and LightJunior, will check the entity list.

(ChimTea) #680

[QUOTE=Avoc;285548]A little update, havent had so much time to work on the map as I wanted, and I keep getting new ideas. :confused:

Added some extra details to the main objective area:

Axis spawn:

Area that lead the allies into the old mine:

Where do you get your ideas? Oo

I always have to search my shoes and pants before I find anything useful to make…

Any resource of images that you have?

Don’t know if you still browse this thing though.