All current ET mapping projects

(hummer) #1

I’m going to compile a list of mappers / projects for ET and put them on my site. If you have any links to your projects and such, or information you’d like me to add, such as the mappers names / emails, the project title, and a short description, post it here.

I’ll get it up quick if I get some good response :smiley:

EDIT: Made into a sticky thread and changed title
Sock, :moo:

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Hummer, you have a site? Put the URL for the indexpage here please. // Loffy

(hummer) #3

My current ET project can be found at:

The main site… just portfolio stuff is at:

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If you want a sticky thread for this, then let me know. I created one the other day and no one seemed that bothered. Its certainly a good idea to keep track of all the ET mapping projects.

Feel the :moo:

(Thej) #5

hello peeps, a friend of mine and me are working on a new map for ET, we hope u like the screenies so far, but we still have alot of work to do :cool:

Check the screenies here

(chavo_one) #6

Check the screenies here

I guess we’re going to find out real quick how Activision is going to handle people using RtCW’s intellectual property in ET.

(Thej) #7

If ur talking about the rockets and the vehicles, we are gonna implement what ever models are in ET, vehicle wise.
we just put these in for the time being, till we know what vehicles and other models are gonna be in the ET tools
And we are also making our own rockets.
So no worries there.

Thx for ur reply anyways :smiley:

(hummer) #8

That would be awesome… I think I’ll still do a page up anyway, but I think it would be a useful thread :slight_smile:

(Drakir) #9

Mapname: Rhine Bridge
Author: Rikard “Drakir” Lindgren
Preview link:

Map description:
Allies are trying to cross the river Rhine at a very heavily guarded bridge.

Still under development.

(Thej) #10

Looking good there Drakir :slight_smile:

If we ever need any help with getting our map to work for ET, i give u a call :bump:

(Danyboy) #11

Since seen no post for project im working on:

Campaign: Operation Overlord
Team: 6 people - UK + NL - Danyboy + Decoy on the SD forums

Description: [b]A 3-map campaign beginning with Omaha Beach and moving through Europe with as realistic maps as possible.

Other 2 maps are uncertain yet

No links avail as yet too.[/b]

(Auriel) #12

Mapname: none as of now :slight_smile:
Author: Auriel
Preview link: N/A

Map description:
Allie hold the city whilst the axis must steal something
At the moment—
get into the city
build generator
defend generator
capture the building (name not thougt of)
steal something
build command post
well, the oposite really :stuck_out_tongue:

(Argh) #13

Hello mappers :slight_smile:

I hope the tools will be released today so you can get them maps out. I admin the IPD Killingzone servers and would enjoy putting them into test/rotation so the public can play them.

If you want your map on public rotation just contact me in our formum at and we will put it in rotation as well mirror the map for download. Ofcourse the map will have to be of nice quality but from the screenies i saw already i dont think it will be a problem.

Good luck with the mapping and make them rule! :slight_smile:

(narked) #14

Map name: U-Boat Base
Map description: The allies must gain access through whatever means required to a small Axis U-boat base. The base is currently home to 2 highly secret prototype U-boats, the only 2 of their class, and the Allies High Command want them destroyed. In addition, it is believed that the plans for the U-boats have been stored within a safe inside the base, and High Command have also tasked the invading force with the capture of these plans.

The Axis team must stop them at all costs.

Map objectives:

  1. Gain access to the base.
  2. Capture the 2 sets of U-boat plans.
  3. Destroy both the submarines.


  1. Prevent the Allies gaining access to the base.
  2. Keep the safe secure.
  3. Do not allow enemy engineers to destroy the prototype U-boats.

Dunno how well it’ll work, but it gives me something to do![/b]

(SidewinderX) #15

Map name: French Village (working title)
Map description: The Allies have to destroy The Axis headquarters in a small French Village. The village has a few small house, and it has a few small fields to the south of it, and is mainly surrounded by woods.

Map objectives:

  1. Destroy the Battery (3 guns) of German Field Artillery to the south of the village.
  2. Capture the German headquarters


  1. Defend the Artillery
  2. Protect the Headquarters.

(snakeinthegrass) #16 would love to test some maps if anyone would be interested… WE have a 32 player server, always full… so if ya need some testers were here… Email me @


(gunslinger) #17

Campaign: Space Nazis Must Die!

3 Maps:

  1. Earth (somewhere in Europe or North Africa- Nazi rocket base.)
  2. Moon (Allies Secret Moon Base)
  3. Mars (Evil Nazi Mars Base with Supar-Death Ray, or somethin equally sucky.)

Strictly in a planning stage, but the idea sounds kind of fun.


(Theisy) #18

Map name: Blow the bridge

Authour: Theis

Description: The allies parachute into a field and must fight their way to the bridge through woods OR a small village to blow up a bridge on a major Axis supply line. The axis must defend the bridge from their bunker on the other side of the river.

Progress: The terrain is complete and I’ve now started on the axis bunker

Links: None as yet may not be for some time.

(Slippery Jim) #19

Theisy that sounds a lot like what I was planning. We must like the same war movies :slight_smile:

I may never finish it so don’t worry. Even if they are similar ideas the way I view it the more maps the better for ET.

(Theisy) #20

lol I may never finish mine either so this way it doubles the chances of getting a bridge map out :slight_smile: