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(Avoc) #681

Heya, thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

Yes, I still lurk around here and I’m going to finish that god damn last room in my map as soon as possible. I’m sorry for the lack of updates.

As for references, I really just make up things as I map. Usually I get inspired from other games I play, and then I try to incorporate some of the elements from there. Noteable examples are Team Fortress 2 and Half Life 2 episode 2.

However, this maps terrain is very crude, because I have to work within the confines that my friend left me in his original map.

(DeatH) #682

[QUOTE=Krischan;388914]Not really - first the good news: I didn’t cancel my FFM map :tongue:. The bad news: due a lot of work I had not much time the last six months, have been sick at last for a month and so I added only a few details and decided to resize the map to the half size which means: the river part gets canceled and I’m concentrating completely on the old city part now which is already about 60% finished. I have still a lot of scenery brushwork around the finished central buildings to do and the river made not much sense anymore.

Here some details shots from inside the “Roemer” Building. A tavern, a library and a registrar’s office.


Looking very nice indeed, liking the suits of armour too!

(Mateos) #683

Thanks Krischan, I see now what does the dlight :slight_smile: Nice glowing effect.

Good to have news about your map Avoc :slight_smile:

(Krischan) #684

Hint: use DLights only in special places - they cost FPS if used too much. And they only light vertices. In my tavern it creates a flickering effect for the lantern which looks nicer there.

(Mateos) #685

Thanks for the advice, I will use it only in interiors so :slight_smile:

(Avoc) #686

Bigger hint: Do not use Dlights - they bring more trouble than worth imo.

(Magic) #687

Thx for the feedback.

@ Mateos - i had a lot of help from my friend mrfin - that gave it a great finish -
i started with the tracemap and deleted all exept the buildings - made a backgroundlayer and varied with lots of hight curves layers with small difference in color.
Then i used a paper texture that i adjusted the transparency - gave it a nice look - mrfin did the rest.
If youre intrested - i can send you the psp file - to see how its build up.
Here is a clip i found on youtube that shows a nice technique :

@ kemon - lot of the textures i have adjusted from images i found on the net - especially doors,windows and roof textures.
some i got from CG textures
have also purchased textures - Texture Portal
over the last 6 years i have downloaded tons of textures - my disc is full :slight_smile:

I had a goal to make a beta before the end of the year - but i think it will take some longer time before a release.
Avoc made me a great looking skybox - working right now on the shader for it.

(Mateos) #688

When I saw the tile in Windows Live Mail I knew I already saw it, and that’s why I have the music on my mobile phone :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks, I will try again, I think the exterior stuff is finished now. If you could upload the file, thanks! And if you need a texture, I’m converting my photos to seamless textures, so I can give 2048x2048 stuff :slight_smile:

(YorkieLUFC) #689

Looking on Wolfenstein ET now and no servers were on anyone putting up a server?

(Destroy666) #690

ID Software masterserver is off, if you want to see serverlist look here

(Tardis) #691

Maps That I have Completed so Far …

(Allentherrera) #692

This is good game which I want to play with my new device