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(shagileo) #581

I see you used your infamous map autograph again:
waterfalls :smiley:

only then we’re sure of its epicness

(.Chris.) #582

[QUOTE=KeMoN;274914]Great to hear that you still work on it.
Why did he decided that? >.< That screenshot looks damn cool. Anyway…the map will surely look great :)[/QUOTE]

Maps need to play well not just look pretty. I’ve just scrapped the whole of my first stage on the map I’ve been working on.

(KeMoN) #583

Oh…I hope my map will be also good at playing. I really don’t want to scrap it. Well we’ll see.

(Shownie) #584

Looks matter as much as the smoothness of the map, I wont play a map with stable 125 fps that looks like ****.

(shagileo) #585

True enough -

4 adjacent hollow cubes can have an awesome gameplay, but they’re rather boring
On the other hand, you’re also right. There are some really great maps out there, not being played, because they’re not really known for their objective

(Avoc) #586

Here is the new area for the final objective:

Not quite finished yet (the top left corner is still empty, and lighting is not satisfactory + needs generally more details).

(KeMoN) #587

That looks really cool. In my opinion it even looks better than the old section.

You did it again. You don’t stop amazing me with your work! You really have a sense for details and also the lighting creates a great atmosphere with its surroundings and it even isn’t satisfactory yet. Woah, I’m really looking forward to it!

You said you have some space left in your area…
I suppose you know the map bergen? There is this one generator room like you see in one of these screenshots (thanks to Magic!) and I love that generator. It even has animation and stuff. Maybe you could put in something like that or just smaller generator or smaller power plants. I suggest that kind of things because I somehow have the impression that the area is kind of that power supply room.
Another thing would be water tanks or silos from the top to the bottom. Well it’s up to you and I guess you already have plans for that :wink:

(stealth6) #588

omg, that looks really nice. Good detailing on the pipes :smiley:

(Avoc) #589

Hmm, that link doesnt work, and visiting leads to a broken link :frowning:

Thanks for your kind words, it motivates me to try even harder :smiley:
My worst trait is that I can get lazy and impatient without noticing it, and then I start making bad brushwork and uninspired scenes, so that is why its taking much much longer than I thought it would.

There is a ‘generator’ in this room, and its a bit animated (in the third picture you can kind of see the ‘wheels’ that turn around.) There are also other small animated thingies which I think most people won’t really notice.

(shagileo) #590

dfighouhe(hghidfh^àfs^gpgidfgjdf work there, Avoc !

(I’m sorry, there are no words on heaven or earth to describe your awesome mapping power skillz 101)
Keep it going !

(KeMoN) #591

Well, it works fine for me. Do you use Internet Explorer? If yes try it with Mozilla Firefox.

(Avoc) #592

I use Chrome. How strange… works now though!

(Krischan) #593

Here’s a WIP - my timbered house sandbox for my FFM - Frankfurt map. Using four different handmade textures, a lot of unique buildings can be created. I still need to test if I can maintain this detail level but it is possible to reduce it by 50% and it would still look nice enough. Showing four different house types here:

(IndyJones) #594

looks very nice, i know it’s a WIP but please don’t forget to make the cobble stones not so flat :slight_smile:

(Krischan) #595

Flat? What would you improve here? I already use a bevel on it but when it is too strong it looks unnatural.

Edit: ok I pimped the cobblestone, better?

(KeMoN) #596

These houses are really awesome Krischan.
You really made all your textures yourself? Respect!

(Krischan) #597

Yes, it is very easy if you keep the distances between the beams constant so that you can vary the house just switching the UV coordinates of the texture, horizontal and vertical. As a free gift, here is the texture of the house from the last screenshot that you get an idea how I made it (and can play yourself with it):

(acQu) #598

Awsome :slight_smile:

Do you already know when it will be finished (roughly) ?

(Krischan) #599

Nope, it’s done when it’s done :slight_smile: The next step is to create rows of different houses/depths along the streets, mixed with non timbered houses. The hard part here is that they don’t look too rural, more urban, not repeating and don’t hit the FPS too much.

(shagileo) #600

looking good !

Good luck with it, impressive tex work