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(IndyJones) #601

[QUOTE=Krischan;284617]Flat? What would you improve here? I already use a bevel on it but when it is too strong it looks unnatural.

Edit: ok I pimped the cobblestone, better?


nope, it still looks way too flat. it’s very easy to transform it. you can use the cutter tool, shape the cobble stone into triangles and use it like terrain… at the moment it looks way unnatural.

(Krischan) #602

I’m not quite sure what you mean - I added now tesselation and lightmapscale to the ground (we’re talking about the cobbles surrounding the well, not the sidewalk, right?)

(IndyJones) #603

top screen is your cobble stone, bottom is same terrain slightly edited (just don’t go too far with ur roads) :smiley:

(.Chris.) #604

Cool work there, you mind if I use that texture? I’m making a German town map and would really add some variety :slight_smile:

(Shownie) #605

Krischan: Your map looks so far so good, very detaild, thats a big plus! :slight_smile:

(Justice) #606

Astonishingly awesome! Definitely another great asset in the collection of beautiful maps.

(BackSnip3) #607

Krischan your map looks really good! Awesome stuff! It’s like another engine,colors are great, lighting too.What lighting settings do you use for this?(lightmaps stuff, surfacelights/lights, skybox…)
I’m really impressed by those screens!:smiley:

(Justice) #608

By the way, I would like to know the names of the maps:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
I couldn’t find the names :frowning:

(Krischan) #609

@IndyJones: ah now I know what you mean - I must check this out - the streets in real Frankfurt are not very uneven in this area.

@Chris: that’s why I said “as a free gift” - use it if you want

@BlackSnip3 / all: I assure you that this is the plain ET Quake 3 Engine, only with lightmaps :slight_smile: But look yourself - I decided to give away a simple house sandbox with all additional textures, shaders and the source map free to study or use (read the fachwerk_readme.txt included), and please don’t throw handgrenades in my well :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be happy if you credit me if you decide to use it in your own projects.

Click the image to download the PK3 (1MB):

(BackSnip3) #610

Yeah it’s interesting me, thanks :slight_smile:
I’m no pro at lighting but I experimented some stuff recently, with no surfacelights :slight_smile:

More stuff very soon on pointe_du_hoc topic :wink:

(Avoc) #611

A little update, havent had so much time to work on the map as I wanted, and I keep getting new ideas. :confused:

Added some extra details to the main objective area:

Axis spawn:

Area that lead the allies into the old mine:

(KeMoN) #612

Really awesome work, Avoc.
Everything is fitting perfectly into that scenario. Your tree models, the skybox, etc.
Also great work on the details in the background it really looks like the map goes on.

(Infinitypl123) #613

It’s amazing :smiley: great work!

(Avoc) #614

[QUOTE='Just!ce.;285162]By the way, I would like to know the names of the maps:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
I couldn’t find the names :([/QUOTE]

This was supposed to be a map for the Domination mod. I stopped working on it for no apparent reason.

(Justice) #615


It really looks worth playing on. Are you ever going to finish it?

(Avoc) #616

I dont think so, my current project will probably be my last aswell.

(DeatH) #617

How about releasing the source files then?

(Avoc) #618

I might, once I have gotten order in all the project files. I have a ton of unreleased stuff that I just stopped working on for some reason.

(Krischan) #619

Boring repeating houses in ET maps now belong to the past. A current snapshot of my FFM - Frankfurt map progress (first try - unoptimized lighting):

(Infinitypl123) #620

Wow! So great! How much work do you need to finish it?