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(Avoc) #521

First part of bremen is larger, but 2nd part of bremen is smaller - if that makes sense :smiley:

(KeMoN) #522

Actueally it does, yes :tongue:
So first part is town and second part is “open” landscape.

(Avoc) #523

[QUOTE=KeMoN;259333]Actueally it does, yes :tongue:
So first part is town and second part is “open” landscape.[/QUOTE]

semi-open. There is a ‘base’ too where the objectives are.

(Avoc) #524

Finally finished with the first area.

(KeMoN) #525

Great Work, Avoc!
Waiting for some screens of the 2nd part :slight_smile:

(shagileo) #526

nice shots !
that skybox really rocks

(aaa4) #527

that skybox really rocks

looks like chemtrails to me :slight_smile:

(Shownie) #528

This map looks really good!

(Avoc) #529

[QUOTE=shagileo;260488]nice shots !
that skybox really rocks[/QUOTE]

hehe, here is a small secret, its not a regular skybox ;D

(shagileo) #530

Woah !

It wouldn’t surprise me if the skybox adapts to your real life state of daylight
… well it would surprise me, but that would be just Avocish

(Avoc) #531

Dont get your hopes up THAT much :smiley:

(shagileo) #532

Ok ok, the skybox will just probably adapt its atmospheric effects to real life conditions, basing on meteorological data with the help of some build in tracker system.

But you gotta give me some credit, I was pretty darn close with that ‘state of daylight’ guess

Disclaimer: to avoid any type of misunderstandings, all written content in this post is, as usual, raw rubbish - thank you

(Krischan) #533

Just a quick snapshot of my FFM map (Frankfurt, Germany). Still in an early stage and working since 2006 on it (with larger downtimes). Hope to finish the map this year, finally - at least before I retire LOL. Complete redesign since late December 2010.

The Commandmap, “rendered” with my own Blitzbasic 3D BSP Parser and pimped with photoshop

The “Eiserner Steg” Bridge


Street to the old city complex

Top view of Nikolai Church and Roemer Townhall

The Roemer Townhall front

Hall behind the Townhall doors

Roemerberg with a huge “Bembel” clay jug

I see even the real world in triangles now…

Still a lot of brushwork to do here. Rspeeds at the moment below 16000. Hope to stay below 30000 in certain areas.

(Yatta) #534

… working since 2006 on it (with larger downtimes). Hope to finish the map this year … complete redesign since late December 2010.

Almost exactly the same as me ! :smiley:
Started a map project in late 2006, put it in a virtual dusty drawers early 2007, started it back December 2010, and currently on its way to final vesion (beta 7) …

About the map, looks nice indeed, but still an early stage and lots of work needed. I dont know much about the gameplay by looking at it, but you might want to make sure you have good paths / layout / balance before working on the graphics in details …

And about B3D : I think those lights are from a lightmap, do you use a BSP reader ? Is there such a thing or did you code it yourself ?

(Krischan) #535

> And about B3D : I think those lights are from a lightmap, do you use a BSP reader ? Is there such a thing or did you code it yourself ?

Yes, my own basic BSP parser to create the geometry, reading vertex colors, normals, textures and applied lightmaps and put it all together (excluding patches - so patchmeta is needed). You can even parse the entities. But for a topdown commandmap screenshot enough. I am using an orthogonal camera with a zoom of 1.0/mapsize which matches exactly the commandmap / tracemap. You can even fly through the map. But the code is a mess - if you are interested in it I can share it here (after some cleanup). Oh and Blitz3D is needed for sure. Beside that I improved the commandmap rendering so the first picture has been updated now. The screenshot took only 5 seconds to “render” - reading direct the BSP output from q3map2… :smiley:

We considered a lot of things before we started the map and there a dozens of possible changes to improve the balancing later without breaking large parts up. I had more problems with the VIS blocking of this large area (8192x8192) but this seems to work fine now (finally!). So I’m going into detail now. Even the scripting is finished since 2006, I only have to include it in the map later. I could even create a smaller spin-off from a part of the map if it gets too large (the northern half for example)

EDIT: ok here it is - my commandmap program to render a colormap and a lightmap out of a BSP - don’t expect too much - for me it is working fine. Check the readme.txt before you start.

Download (1MB):

Screenshot from within Blitz3D window (colormap mode)

Colormap output

Lightmap output

Combined output

Final pimped commandmap using the first two images

(IndyJones) #536

that’s a really sweet tool!
about the map, the windows are way too repeatative and close to each other imho, but seems like an interesting map. my first though was that it’s somewhere in NL :wink:

(Krischan) #537

> the windows are way too repeatative and close to each other imho

These are my dummys from the VIS planning stage - I still have to complete them (looks better with windows than a plain brickwall). I have only one large repetative building which you can see in the “PAK” image on the right hand. My plan is to create dozens of unique buildings in the old city and I have a whole bunch of original photos / drawings of Frankfurts old city to get the inspirations for the right style.

(nUllSkillZ) #538

Wow, Frankfurt.
Next big city to my home (20 km).
What’s the objective?
Steal the Bembel?
Personaly I don’t like the AT gun on the Eiserner Steg.

Bembel is hessian for the jar for cider.

(KeMoN) #539

Hey guys

I’m very proud to present you the progress of my current project Pointe du Hoc.

When it is finished it will have two major parts. In the first one the allies need to take the cliff and destroy some 88mm guns. In the second part they need to capture and hold a small french town to ensure a safe landing for the approaching allied troops. That’s actually it.

Right now the beach and cliff zone is about to be finished. Still I’m searching for a nicer water texture and for some LCVP models . (Maybe a normal one and a destroyed one). If someone has got a LCVP model which isn’t the stock RtCW or ET model it would be cool if you could send it to me. Next will be to enlarge the cliff-zone a bit and then the border to the town.

I would be glad if you could post suggestions for improving the style of the map.

Here are some screenshots for you.

You may think: Oh no, another beach map."

Well, yes. Many beach maps have been released. But the most of them are convertions from rtcw_beach and a lot of them are … let’s call it strange. Except the D-Day map which I personally think is the best beach map after seawall-battery.

Second reason:
In the last weeks/months many maps have been released They can’t be called strange, they’re simply nothing but crap. When I tested them there were so many bugs in there, there wasn’t even a real feeling in the map. And instead of improving the map they just released, the mappers release a second map and a third map. And in the end all three of them are boring, buggy, small and ugly maps. I don’t want to say anything against other mappers, I just want them to really finish their projects and do not leave Et with 3 unfinsihed maps.
You may think about this comment what you like and you can post it. But it is the truth and I will stick to what I said.

(nUllSkillZ) #540

The map looks nice.
But it’s a very open map.