All current ET mapping projects

(Avoc) #501

The room is not large enough for the change in detail to be visible, and it has been properly clipped aswell. =)

(UJERebel) #502

Looking awesome!!!

(zstarsales04) #503

Hello, everybody, I am new here. Here is something might be helpful for (many movies to download)

(nukits) #504

i’m working with my map called… hmm noname yet :smiley:

few pics in radiant(its small atm).

(Shownie) #505

@ CatC: Awesome looking map you got there! :slight_smile:

(fastek) #506

Very new to this thing, still learning about this game. This is a great thing that my friend recommended to me, I never getting involved with it but soon will be Thanks! Smile.For cheap Zhu Zhu pets please see the Zhu Zhu pets hamsters site where you can buy Zhu Zhu hamsters at low prices.

(Avoc) #507

‘Prettying up’ a map for a friend.





(Cambodunum) #508

… looks nice but when i remember correctly:
… whats up with “heat” ?

greetz Cambo

(Yatta) #509

Some of you may have noticed my “activity” (more like spamming) on the forum …

Well thats because the project i announced on this thread a few moments ago (read “back in 2006”) is resurrected and about to be released as beta 4.

It should be the last version before final release and will be publicly distributed. Beta 3 was advertised on splatterladder and other sites which was very nice but that version wasnt supposed to be distributed. :x

Anyways ive been working hard on it those last days, and the new version should be out by this week end.
No screens yet, im having some light compile trouble … : (

(schnoog) #510

Yatta, if you want to see the map “in the wild”, simply mail me or write a forum post on
If I was informed about a new map, I`ll add the map to the - filebase, so everyone can simply test the map.


(Yatta) #511

Screens !
Yep, its really ugly compared to others maps … but I must confess im quite lazy when it comes to texture & lighting work. However I tried to give the game a good level design, trying to make it good to play.

Schnoog, the map should be tested on the ETF test server soon, and if theres no major bug (i doubt it, i tested it quite alot), it should be advertisable. ; )

(shagileo) #512

@ Avoc:

HOOOO Nice nice !
'T feels very suitable for the ETnam mod as well :slight_smile:

(Avoc) #513

Thats not up for me to decide, the map is not mine, I am just prettying it up :stuck_out_tongue:

(Avoc) #514

Using more time on this than I wanted - but can’t stop now!





(Cambodunum) #515

Just awesome!

(KeMoN) #516

Indeed yes!
Please continue reworking this map, Avoc!!!

(Avoc) #517

Please note that this map is somewhat small, and I am limited to work within its boundries and not to change to much of the main gameplay brushes - its perfect for 6vs6 even if our server is 12vs12.

(KeMoN) #518

oh, It’s just that small?
That’s a real pitty! Maybe you could ask the original author if he agrees to build up some environment around it. Maybe a little temperate/forest styled landscape in which the allies need to march towards this village or something like that? Would be a real loss of opportunities, man!
Maybe you want to think about it?!

(Avoc) #519

Nah, there are two main areas of the map - this is the first part where the allies have to secure the front spawn by either capturing the map, or destroying some sidewalls. There is another (much larger) area during the 2nd part that reminds a lot about fueldump.

(KeMoN) #520

That’s great! I love fueldump! :stuck_out_tongue:
So size a bit like bremen? or larger?