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(twt_thunder) #481

This is one of my projects :

longname: ho chi minh trail

// Set scenario information
wm_mapdescription axis " demolish any Allied assault bridges and immobilize their armoured vehicles with Panzerfausts or grenades. do not let them through the trail"
wm_mapdescription allied “Escort the truck with suplys. Construct the 2 bridges, protect and repair the truck and get the truck so your mates can get their needed suplys.”
wm_mapdescription neutral “The Allies need to get suplys trough the hardest bit of the ho chi minh trail. The Axis can disable and delay the truck with Panzerfausts, grenades, mines or explosives.”

// Axis Objective Descriptions
wm_objective_axis_desc 1 “Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from constructing bridge1”
wm_objective_axis_desc 2 “Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allied from constructing bridge2”
wm_objective_axis_desc 3 “Primary Objective:**Disable the Allied truck before it gets trough the trail.”
wm_objective_axis_desc 4 “Primary Objective:**Defend the footbridge.”
wm_objective_axis_desc 5 “Secondary Objective:**Defend the ammostorage.”
wm_objective_axis_desc 6 “Secondary Objective:**Build your Command Post for improved charge times.”
wm_objective_axis_desc 7 “Secondary Objective:**Stop the Allies from constructing a Command Post.”

// Allied Objective Descriptions
wm_objective_allied_desc 1 “Primary Objective:**Construct bridge1.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 2 “Primary Objective:**construct bridge2”
wm_objective_allied_desc 3 “Primary Objective:**Cover the truck and get it trough the trail.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 4 “secondary Objective:**Dynamite the secret ammo depot.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 5 “Secondary Objective:**dynamite the footbridge to defend your mates in the end of the trail.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 6 “Secondary Objective:**Stop the Axis from constructing a Command Post.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 7 “Secondary Objective:**Build a Command Post for faster charge times.”

(stealth6) #482

looks pretty cool, but looks very open, try looking for a fps - tis tutorial, I remember seeing something about glider once which is very open, so you could maybe learn something to improve your fps

(twt_thunder) #483

will put in some hint brushes

can’t make it any less open… wouldn’t be right

(Qualmi) #484



this really catches the good old vietcong flow. ofc with more detail…

(twt_thunder) #485

Ia_drang or hamburger hill… early screenshots…

main objective to blow

a temple with secrets

nice athmosphere with buddha on the altar… be sure to check out this room when beta comes, there are secrets here to find :smiley:

health and ammo


(IndyJones) #486

fire is floating in the air :slight_smile:
radar doesn’t fit there… increase _minlight.

(twt_thunder) #487

[QUOTE=IndyJones;213931]fire is floating in the air :slight_smile:
radar doesn’t fit there… increase _minlight.[/QUOTE]

good eyes…I’ll fix the fire…the radar will be there…

(ailmanki) #488

seems you have used bledning on the terrain,
I think it would look nice on the water aswell… make it more realistic.

I like jungle maps, not many around…

(twt_thunder) #489

[QUOTE=ailmanki;214604]seems you have used bledning on the terrain,
I think it would look nice on the water aswell… make it more realistic.

I like jungle maps, not many around…[/QUOTE]

blending on the water… how should i make that??

(ailmanki) #490

I am not sure how its done…
I think saberpeak has it, something like a shoreline.

Else I think its pretty similar to terrain, like rock and grass can be blended, the some deep water could be blended over some no deep water.

(CatC) #491


it’s far away from finished (got to redo the terrain, add details and models and so on), but here some early Screens from what is nearly that far :slight_smile:

PS: Added some bridgness and contrast, its not that bright in real

Edit: Just noticed that i forgot to write the name, but right now it has no real name, its simply called “Kloster” (Monastery), if it’s done i think i steel the Goldrush script. Thought about something like “Axis have found an old recipe for a drug that makes Soldiers stronger and the Allies have to steel it” but nothing definitiv. ^^

(nUllSkillZ) #492

Looks nice.

(macbeth) #493

seems very awesome
cant wait to play it on our server

(shagileo) #494

Congratulations !

The maps seems to have the right atmosphere , good job !

(Avoc) #495

Helping a friend with his map, re-designing the final area:

(IndyJones) #496

cylinder patch? try to avoid it.

(Avoc) #497

Why is that?

(IndyJones) #498

it changes detail in distance, has awfull clipping… it has been discussed here few times.

(stealth6) #499

should only avoid it if it is in a large room where you can see it properly from a distance, also then just make a clip around it like a heaxgon or so and should be fine.

(IndyJones) #500

but usually is not (the most commong bug comes from east side)…