A new Enemy Territory total Mode Conversion. Theme American Civil War

(PAV) #1

Hello everybody

Do you remember wildwest for rtcw? No ! ok.
I made an Enemy Territory total mode conversion inspired wildwest.
His theme: american civil war.
the game currently has 6 cards you will discover.
you can download the game here https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=675A914A0702FEAF!917&authkey=!AFBPQvIRe4QpLnQ&ithint=file%2Cexe
Report bugs if there are on my forum http://bobots.e-monsite.com/forum/ thanks.

This game is free and open source

good game

(Crytiqal) #2

This seems pretty fishy…

(PAV) #3

pretty fishy ? lol !
why ?

(diaboliksmart) #4

Super cool, can’t wait to test it Mr Bobots’father !!
Can you upload some screens please ?
Nice to see that you are still in ET :slight_smile:

(BackSnip3) #5

[QUOTE=PAV;547103]pretty fishy ? lol !
why ?[/QUOTE]

I think he said that because your post is very lightweight (no screenshots or anything for example) and you give an .exe installer instead of just a .zip.

(PAV) #6

My post is very lightweight ! like me :slight_smile:

ah ok u want screenshots, I did not think about it ! ok men.
maps : union pacific, santafe, killdeer mountain, fort laramie, colorado river , dodge city and me and my winchester :slight_smile:
I do other cards because 6 is not enough. 15 20 cards would be good.

(twt_thunder) #7

looks cool :slight_smile:

(Dragonji) #8

Can we have a zip package of the whole game instead of an installer?

(PAV) #9

yes I can do that, if you preferes a zip. tomorrow or after tomorrow ok !

(diaboliksmart) #10

Installation 100% OK on Windows10, even if Microsoft Edge told me to avoid this download (because not still known in its database, I think).

This file HAS TO BE on your USB card (you can play ET without internet), use OPTIONS-MENU-AmericanCivilWar-BOTS to add some bobots so easily xDDD, and so much options in bots-node IA, need one year to explore !:slight_smile:

Congratulations PAV @CelticSoftDevelopment !

(macbeth) #11

i agree with Dragonji can we have a zip package

and congrats

(macbeth) #12

and what is server ip to can test ?

(PAV) #13

diaboliksmart , you can talk to me in French, I understand the language :slight_smile:

American civil war zip file is done on my web site.

Take the zip file on my website (menu download): http://bobots.e-monsite.com/pages/projet-bobots/download-bobot.html

Add a new map into the file zip : Tombstone
The union must prevent the captain wayne to be hanged by the confederates. To prevent this the Union must capture three flags.

Good game and avoid you do not kill the bobots in 10 seconds :slight_smile: (they are indestructible lol !)


(macbeth) #14

i will try this week to start a server with it

(KeMoN) #15

I only just saw your thread. WildWest was a nice add-on and this one also looks really good.
I never heard anything about this development, so thank you for the nice surprise!

I’ll give it a try as soon as I can.

(PAV) #16

like you, I never heard anything about the development of wildwest but it is a pleasure to make a mod like them.
I make cards for the game for the moment.
I have not too much inspiration :slight_smile:

(diaboliksmart) #17

Please test here :
Open Hours : 24H/24H

(PAV) #18

Your server runs ?
Ca marche ton truc ?

(diaboliksmart) #19

Eh ma foi ! A Marseille on sait pas jouer au foot mais on sait faire des serveurs Wolf héhéhé xD

Donc oui ça tourne bien, sauf qu’arrivé à la dernière map du ‘objectivecycle.cfg’, ça la répète indéfiniment au lieu de rejouer la première, il faut que je cherche.

Sinon impeccable, les bobots sont toujours intelligents (mais j’ai mis difficulté 1 car je joue comme un pied) !

NB: Open Hours GMT+1 are from 17H to 01H :cool:

(PAV) #20

comme un pied ? mdr
j’ai du merdé dans le objectivecycle.cfg ou pas modifié en fonction des dernieres maps. ca doit pas etre méchant.

j avais pas testé la partie serveur mais comme c’est ET je me suis dit ca doit marcher.
j irai faire un tour sur ton serveur je joue aussi comme un pied t es pas le seul.

sinon je rechercherai mais ya une commnde pour le refere ca doit etre invincible ou invincipleplayer et tu restes invincible lol.