Your best hackusation stories?

(Press E) #1

Just had a pretty good one recently and it got me wondering if anyone else has some good stories!

Some context, I was defending on bridge as aimee. The EV was just about to reach the barrier, so I ran through the alleyway and managed to get behind the people escorting the EV. There was some sparks standing still in the back trying to snipe someone, so I took her out, then noticed a turtle crouched behind the crate to the side hiding with his face buried in the wall. I shot him, then ran right over him for a melee finish and to get back to my team.
He then got angry and started claiming I had somehow managed to shoot him through the crate even though I literally ran over him to finish him off, and that I couldn’t have flanked him because his teammates (a low level sparks who didn’t even look at me) would have killed me. Then someone else from that team started spectating but all they did was complain about SD for some reason.
Best part is that grandeur aimee is by far one of my worst mercs in combat. I missed the vast majority of my shots and ended up with 23/14 only because my team carried me and I had played a couple minutes of kira at the end.

I also got called a speedhacker once playing aura against some low level freerotation rhino. Then another time I saw someone call phantom a hacker for turning invisible.

(Oxayotl) #2

I was never called a hacker because I am bad at this game!


Someone threatened to vote kick me once because they thought I was aimbotting. :thinking:

(K1X455) #4


I played offensive Aura on a stopwatch match in Singapore, carried the offensive team in a reasonable amount of time (approximately 10+ mins). The other team cried for shuffle all the way but at half time and I switched to the losing team after failing 3 shuffle votes and two left . A very very VERY upset player from the team I switched to called for another shuffle and this time, it succeeded and switched him to the defensive team again, while I was for the 2nd time on offence.

I coached the offensive team when to push and where hold positions, knowing that Aura can dictate the tempo of battle. The entire team stood by my instructions and we were able to finish the match much faster than the first time (approximately 8+ mins).

After the match, the very very VERY upset player was going off in chat, accusing me that I wasn’t taking any damage, accusing me of all sorts of health regeneration wizardry and invulnerability. I explained to him that self healing with the health station is a mechanic in the game and shots with his Dreiss AR can be avoided if he is rapid firing with a reasonable amount of timing.

Stealing candies from kids with plenty and giving it to those who have none can be very upsetting.

(LifeupOmega) #5

Idk pick one out and laugh

(Joyescape) #6

I have never been called a hacker since I am not that good on playing games.

Meanwhile, who’s excited about the Black Friday sale? I am planning to purchase new console games, and hoping to get a discount for some pet vitamins and supplements. Advance Happy Thanksgiving!

(Your worst knifemare.) #7

I have a hack that makes me die within 4 seconds of meeting an enemy.

(K1X455) #8

Press K for instant health and ammo?


Not as good as one of my old favourites. “Press F10 for godmode.”

Player has disconnected.

(Diosito) #10

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it was yerterday… or at least, I saw something very similar yesterday.


(Diosito) #11

I have been called hacker too many times (I do not know why, I’m not that good, at least in the traditional sense of the word) … for a while, when I used to use one of my regular nicknames (Dark.Persephone.) In Greek, they used to call me “Russian hacker”.

It is also hilarious when poeple (experienced players) try to kick you when they can not deal with spawnkilling.


(Floris) #12

Feels like modern games give players too much rope to hang themselves :smiley:

At least in W:ET you had to manually bind suicide…,

/bind mouse1 kill

For instant kills!

(DarkangelUK) #13

Pretty sure it was in the binds list in the menus, it didn’t have to be manually done.

(Floris) #14

Probably, I meant that it wasn’t bound to any key by default.

(Your worst knifemare.) #15

I just “K” my self using fall damage.

(Floris) #16

Wish we could jump on people in DB to goomba them :stuck_out_tongue:

(Shanks) #17

@STARRYSOCK I was there for that. It was pretty funny seeing him rage any time that you would kill him.

But I think mine would be the time when 2-3 people on an opposing team were going off about how I was botting because I was reviving people with sparks really quickly. Yeah, they thought I was hacking because I was reviving people…

(Outblast) #18

Being accused of a wallhack because my turret went off and i knew that the opponent entered the room. This actually happened a few times.

(Your worst knifemare.) #19

Being accused of aimbot because your turret killed someone.

(Stokes) #20

There are plenty of cheaters in this game.