Your best DirtyBomb Meme?

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When you attempt to be friendly:

Then suddenly get bombarded by nades,bullets,etc.

(Xenithos) #3962

Really hate battling other players just to get some additional gamemode exp…
Enough is enough Bush.

(Press E) #3963

@Xenithos said:

Really hate battling other players just to get some additional gamemode exp…
Enough is enough Bush.

At least it’s not like you have to play an entire match. Just join defense at the end of one and you should get it

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(Bangtastic) #3965

the dark souls of f2p fps

(HonourBound) #3966

Been a while since I’ve been here… oh how it has changed…

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Holy crap, I want this version. How come all the chicks got short hair or dreadlocks going on when I could have had ANOTHER KIRA!?

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(Ptiloui) #3971

Combat wise, short hair are way more practical than long hair.

Also, fashion wise, the actual trend is short hair if you look at a lot of celebrity women.

(Xenithos) #3972

IMPOSSIBLE. Peak player count of DB is less than 2,000, but being generous at 2,000.
Skyhammer is owned by every player:
A minute is 60 seconds. His animation is about 1 second. He gets a pack every 5-6 seconds.
Imagining that your NEED for ammo is the exact rate at which he generates them:
That means every skyhammer should be throwing down a pack every 6 seconds. EVERY PLAYER at 6 seconds means 10 packs in a minute x 2,000 players.
This means a maximum of 20,000 packs can be thrown in a minute IF the skyhammers started with no packs.

Imagining that all skyhammers had ALL ammo and hadn’t thrown at all and immdiately threw all packs, that makes 14 packs in a minute x2,000 players: 28,000 packs.

69,420 skyhammers not throwing ammo is just plain not possible… wait… 69? 420? HE–!
is killed by airstrike that was thrown in spawn on FF on server

(Your worst knifemare.) #3973

Salty_MLG_xX_sniper: “I hate this game, I’m glad its dying.”

Based off a true story :skyhappy:

(Xenithos) #3974

I feel like this has been every other match with you these days. As in where we see players being like this, not YOU being the salty guy. You’re never salty. You’re frosty.

(Press E) #3975

Idk if it’s the removal of ranked but lately I’ve seen a lot of tryhard high level players. No one here though thankfully. A lot of teamswitchers and people doing their best to spawncamp level 10 players. Worst one yet was a clan who kicked a level 3 player just so their friend could join their team to stack the match, against a bunch of other level 5s.

It makes me sad honestly. A few of them were actually people I used to look up to. I get salty sometimes too, but I always try to call votes or switch to balance out teams. I’ve even gone pistol only when those weren’t options.
Purposely trying to stack a match against new players is just pathetic.

(Xenithos) #3976

I’d made a comment about this at some point recently too. 100% agree, it’s like they’ve just given up and want to kill DB intentionally by blasting lower level players or teams. I do my best to tryhard on losing teams specifically.

EDIT: I found it, I said that here under playerbase issues: List all your frustrations with current Dirty Bomb

(Your worst knifemare.) #3977

The way jugglers meant to be used.

(GatoCommodore) #3978

Goblin hair is not prectical at all
meanwhile bangs like that wont get in your face

i hope her obsidian changes her look into this, i really hate the current look of that goblin called GuArDiAn

(Press E) #3979

Not really a meme but I think I found javelin’s youtube account

Someone pay her to say “it does not go like a rocket”

(HadronZodiac) #3980

Someone teach me how to edit, i want to make youtube poops out of the new tutorial videos sooo bad