Your best DirtyBomb Meme?

(AdmiralTeddy) #1


Sorry, that one is a bit over the line. FANG

(mOist) #2

not really a meme but

(god1) #3


(Reddeadcap) #4

(AdmiralTeddy) #5

^ this omfg, every time I try to revive a team mate they panic martyrdom xD

(AdmiralTeddy) #6

I found a hilarious new one, played a game of underground in an 8v8 server they had 5 bushwhackers, 1 medic, 1 skyhammer and 1 nader.

5 turrets guarding every angle was the stupidest thing i’ve seen in my entire life. especially since I was a nader with a team who had no demolition abilities.

(Thai-San) #7

Those Korean Spammers really messed up our forum, didn’t they?

[removed – not appropriate, sorry]

(Szakalot) #8

Where is that one with two fraggers and a cricket bat girl?

(mOist) #9

@szakalot oooh i made that :slight_smile:

(smartIsland) #10

i really want to make one with 5 Vassilis standing half way across the map while one person is actually trying to complete the objectives

(Thai-San) #11

Aaaww, you guys are no fun.

(AdmiralTeddy) #12

@Szakalot @Moist when I first read “2 fraggers 1 cricket bat girl” something very different came to my mind KAPPA :lol: :wink: :blush:

(Thai-San) #13

(mOist) #14

Not exactly DB related as much but its fitting as everygame even the ones where we get straight up molested i say GG.

(Reddeadcap) #15

I remember coming across someone who went vasili, he couldn’t land headshots but would constantly throw sonars and on voice chat would say nothing but locations and if he shot the person, leaving the team with a weakened enemy for him to get the assist on, later in the game he gave us this gem, it was the line from Drive but altered, to him saying he’s got at spotting rather than driving, how he has a 25 second time window to throw his heartbeat sensors and wont headshot but can damage enemies at least.

(Thai-San) #16

(AdmiralTeddy) #17

I think skyhammer should say “hide yo wife, hide yo kids, here comes the thunder” when he uses airstrike :smiley:

(amberHarp) #18

Random guy: Snipers are useless! Me: gets godlike as vasilli xD.

(amberHarp) #19

That is actually great! I hope they add it :smiley:

(Reddeadcap) #20

Defending in a nutshell