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Work at Splash Damage

If you have the talent and passion to create some of the most competitive, collaborative experiences and want to enjoy an open, fun, and professional culture then come and say hello!

This year so far, we’ve launched our multiplayer PC shooter Dirty Bomb in Open Beta on Steam, and completed Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Xbox One. We’re now expanding our teams for exciting new projects on PC and console, and we’re looking for creative and autonomous people to help craft engaging multiplayer experiences.

Ready to engage your passion? Check out our open positions below:


Concept Artist
Environment Artist
Senior Character Artist
Senior Environment Artist
Senior UI Artist/Designer
UI Artist/Designer


Head of Audio
Senior Audio Designer


Game Designer
Level Designer


Finance Manager


Online Services Engineer


Production Tester


AI Programmer
Core Tech Programmer
Gameplay Programmer
Graphics Programmer
Junior Network Programmer
Network Programmer
Technical lead

Along with quirky parties, beer Fridays and sugar-laden pastries every Friday morning, Splash Damage offers a comprehensive benefits package. Have a browse through our culture section to find out more about what it’s like to create games here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

(realale) #2

Not sure what job description I would come under? I have an idea for a new game concept I have not seen by any developer yet. Need to explore this concept with people who are current with game development.

(jamiewalker) #3

One can only dream stares longingly into the stars in the night sky, imagining high fiving Paul W. on the way to my desk (made of ET jewel cases)

(Nail) #4

that would be GOTY RTCW cases, W:ET never had a case

(light_sh4v0r) #5

lol, your signature quote is very appropriate Nail :smiley:

(jamiewalker) #6

I think some PC magazines had little ET “game” cases they mocked up :-/ I remember having one that was next to my RTCW case, on my gaming shelf of pride! Albeit tiny demo cd cases I’ll make it work haha!

(Apples) #7

I can bring beers, not even coffe as I dont drink it, I cant make a decent one, but I want to be paid in fresh tapirs only

(3D Printer) #8

I’ll bring Teacakes :slight_smile: