Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2

(R3DeckHD) #1

Y U NO MAKE Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2 ???

(Rex) #2

Why don’t you write a proper sentence???
To answer your question: Because SD has not the rights for ET2.

(Breo) #3

Because they are making Dirty Bomb :smiley:
Also MachineGames is working on a reboot of Wolfenstein (The New Order) scheduled for release in Q4 this year.

(Bangtastic) #4

because wolfenstein enemy territory 2 would not meet the utopic expectations of their little rainbow and sugar world.
they would say omg what have you done, RTCW/ ET was much better -> see CS Go, everybody says either 1.6 or source was better^^

where is the point in making a mario or tetris remake?

if you take something old, dont change it, what do you get?

(AntOO14) #5

CS:Go is well played and has more players at steam then Source(which also is a follow up).

(Dragonji) #6

Cause it’s cheaper.

(AntOO14) #7

So ? like cs 1.6 is very expencive ?

i just mentioning there can be good follow ups.

(Bangtastic) #8

So what was before Wolfenstein enemy territory? i dont think that was a 1to1 remake either.

(AntOO14) #9

who talks about a remake he mentioned Wolf:et 2 and before enemy territory there was Return To Castle Wolfenstein.

(Teuthis) #10

I’d Love to See ET2. Doesn’t has to be a Remake, think there are Great opportunities in this game. Just another scenario (Allies vs. Axis is Kinda over now) but Allies vs terrorists (Smells like CS, i know) with more skills and more characters Would be a Hit I’m sure.

(aowblacky) #11

if you want skilles and characters there will be a game for you in the future… which is currentrly closed beta… but that is not ET2!

ET2 should be exactly the same game! same movement, etc! but with updated graphics!!! otherwise it is not ET2!

(AoW_Sony) #12

Look here Call of Duty WW2 War Mode is Close to ET :

No Killstreaks in this Mod and objektive Mode gameplay!