(Timothy) #1

Welcome to WolfAdmin, a game manager for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers created by Timo ‘Timothy’ Smit. Written as a Lua module, it provides you with extra tools to administrate your server. Since the module is run on the server, players do not have to install anything.

Among the features are many different commands that your administrators may use, automated team balancing, logging of player data and a new set of custom voting options.

Contributing to the module in any way is very welcome! You can report any issues or feature requests to the bug tracker. Alternatively, you can fix or implement it yourself and send a pull request to the GitHub repository, which you may also use to monitor the ongoing development.

(Timothy) #2

After over two years of development, it is finally time to release a new version of WolfAdmin. As always, you can find the new version on the website.

This version can be marked as the largest update to WolfAdmin so far. From now on, you can completely replace the shrubbot administration system with WolfAdmin using standalone mode. Say goodbye to limited amount of levels, admins, mutes and bans, and give a warm welcome to SQL-based databases to store your players and their permissions.

Most of the features that mods like NoQuarter and ETPub provide should have been ported to WolfAdmin. This includes the commands, but also chat logging and private messaging.

Furthermore, the directory structure has been reworked to ease updates and to make sure that all operating systems can run WolfAdmin. In addition to this, the well-known .cfg files have been replaced by .toml files to ease configuration.

Finally, I am very proud to announce that WolfAdmin is now shipped by default with ET: Legacy. This means that anyone who uses the Legacy mod (and any future mods derived from it) will automatically benefit from WolfAdmin. This is a huge step in promoting WolfAdmin for new server administrators and I would like to give them a warm welcome.

In case you encounter a bug or want to share anything else that might be interesting, please use the official bug tracker. Besides that you can also monitor the continuous development in the GitHub repository.

(KeMoN) #3

This is not only a ‘huge step for WolfAdmin’, but for ET: Legacy and all server owners using ET: Legacy as well.
Thank you for all the work you’ve put into both WolfAdmin and ET: Legacy, but also for starting to occasionally stream some evening matches. Definitely fun to watch.^^